Wendy's, Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Poisoned 1 year ago
Wyse Road, Dartmouth, B3A 1N7 Nova Scotia, Canada
Wendy's, Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
“I reluctantly followed my boyfriend's request to eat on Thursday night around 9 pm. But, i gave in and i ordered the son of baconator meal, my daughter got a cheese burger and my boyfriend a chicken asiago sandwich. Our fries were burnt and cold so he went to ask to replace them. The teens working behind the counter seemed annoyed. They were goofing around and there seemed to be no adult in sight. I gave a quarter of my burger to my boyfriend. I wrapped up my daughter's burger as she barely took two bites. The next morning, I ate her cheeseburger that was kept in my fridge for breakfast. By 630 pm I was in full blown iĺlness. Severe nausea and vomiting. Diarrhea so bad that I had to sleep on the toilet for three hours because I couldn't control when it came out of me and when I tried to go to bed, I ended up making a huge mess in it while asleep. I missed out on an impořtant event Saturday, the next day. Today is Sunday...i am still sick l. Still experiencing nasty acidic tasting burps. I have my first day of work tomorrow at my new.job and I can barely make it off the toilet. It is so bad that Friday night, I was hallucinating from the extreme pain. I've barely been able to stay asĺeep because I am waking up, almost every hour, with barely-making-it-to-the-toilet diarrhea. I've not been able to eat anything since Friday. Even drinking water seems to back fire. I've had time to figure out the culprit. My borfirned complained of being nauseous and dizzy while him and no were out Friday, after he vomited a few times, he subsided. He only ate a quarter of my beef burger. Not a lot to stay sick off of and he had a chicken sandwich mainly. My daughter wasn't sick because she barely took two bites. I was so sick for so long because I ate my.burger on Thursday night (when the staff were close to shutting down for the night so They probably didn't bother to make new burgers despite them not being of.gòod temperature and faking ttemperature logs or letting them sit past due because they were so ready to close). I also ate my daughter's the next morning.

I will never eat at again. This ruined a special weekend. It's still going and I'm very ill and very exhausted. But, this is what happens when youballoe a bunch of unsupervised young persons to work night shift together. They disregard the rules, slack off and they forget that THEY are that one step in between food and.customer to ensure quality is met.”
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