White Castle, Lyons Avenue, Irvington, NJ, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Lyons Avenue, Irvington, 07111 New Jersey, United States
White Castle, Lyons Avenue, Irvington, NJ, USA
“I bought eight slider hamburgers with half of the eight with yellow cheese and the other half with cheddar, a sack of clam strips, and a tropical smoothie. I didn't mind it after a while, but before I got into my bed to sleep, my stomach started hurting. So wgen I went to the bathroom, I was in there for atleast 7-10min. holding my stomach with I was $!#&*%×+...
(Use your imagination)

After I was done,I was blood in my stool and my stomach still hurts. Is this a sign of food poisoning?”
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