White Castle, Lyons Avenue, Irvington, NJ, USA

Food Poisoning 2 weeks ago
Lyons Avenue, Irvington, 07111 New Jersey, United States
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White Castle, Lyons Avenue, Irvington, NJ, USA
“I bought eight slider hamburgers with half of the eight with yellow cheese and the other half with cheddar, a sack of clam strips, and a tropical smoothie. I didn't mind it after a while, but before I got into my bed to sleep, my stomach started hurting. So wgen I went to the bathroom, I was in there for atleast 7-10min. holding my stomach with I was $!#&*%×+...
(Use your imagination)

After I was done,I was blood in my stool and my stomach still hurts. Is this a sign of food poisoning?”
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