Whole Foods Market, West McEwen Drive, Franklin, TN, United States


Franklin TN resident 2017-03-28 12:00
Follow-up: It took 3-4 days for the effects of this food poisoning to subside (vomited twice, then had diarrhea, no energy, cramping and whole-body aches). The other 2 people I ate lunch with suffered the same -and eating at this Whole Foods is the only thing we did in common that day. I called and reported my illness to the TN Department of Agriculture who inspects grocery stores. Lo and behold this Whole Foods health score was a 74 out of 100 in November 2016. Source: http://healthspace.com/Clients/TDA/State/WebLive.nsf/formFacility.xsp?id=7F01F774ABEDDF4288257F9C0079C270