Williams Fresh Café, Wonderland Road South, London, ON, Canada

Food Poisoning 2 weeks ago
Wonderland Road South, London, N6L 1A6 Ontario, Canada
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Williams Fresh Café, Wonderland Road South, London, ON, Canada
“My wife and I were meeting friends here as we often do. I was the only one who ordered the tomato red pepper soup about 1:pm. Sun. July 7th. At approx. 1:45pm, while still at the restaurant I began to get chills - freezing big time, shivering uncontrollably and short of breath. My wife took me to the hospital, the chills were still worsening en route. They wheeled me in to Emerg. and after a few minutes I Started vomiting violently, filling up the barf tray 4 times, getting it all over my shirt , pants and floor in the process. I began to feel better, and could feel a wave of warmth returning to my body and within 15 min. the chills where completely gone. They continued testing and did some test and precautions for heart/stroke being 74 years old and checked my COPD, I re-hydrated all the while and was discharged 6 hours later with probable food poisoning and a touch of pneumonia in one lobe for which I got medication.
I went to the London Health Center Emergency, Victoria Hospital. 800 Commissioners Road East
This Morning at 9pm I went down to Williams to advise the Manager that I am a frequent visitor and to advise of my ordeal yesterday and to make sure they get rid of that soup so no one else gets it.”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting
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