WinCo Foods, Greenback Lane, Orangevale, CA, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 2 weeks ago
8701 Greenback Lane, Orangevale, 95662 California, United States
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“We hardly go to Winco because we usually go to Walmart as it's closer and more convenient so about 2-3 year we would go to winco if wantsomething in bulk or their pizzas. I bought some spinach dip because I was craving it and I didnt know if it would taste good because we never had it from there. They only had one kind from winco there so o bought 2 hoping it would taste good. O ate one with sour dough bread and some other foods that evening. Out of nowhere I started to get the chills, felt nauseous and dizzy. Ithought I had caught a cold from my toddler so I didn't think much of it and took a nap woke up around 11pm and felt better but I was still having pain lower abdomen and kidney so I thought I had UTI so I went called the nurse and the doctor prescribed me some UTI medicine after taking a urine test and the results came back unclear but the antibiotics seemed to have helped so I continued to take it and still am. So a week goes by and I'm feeling fine. I had the 2nd spinach dip left so I ate that today with small handful of tortilla chipsand pork rinds withsome salsa and now I start to feeling auseous and dizzy and I had a bowel movement because my body usually does this when it's feeling stressed and my body usually shuts down if I feel nausea so I haveto take a nap but I wanted to find out if other had this too. It's definitely the spinach dip because this happened two times and Blythe only consistent thing was the spinach dip becaus I ate the tortilla chips and salsa by itself and never got sick. I'm never buying made food from winco ever again!”
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1 person had — fever and nausea
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