WinCo Foods, W Harris St, Eureka, CA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
W Harris St, Eureka, 95501 California, United States
WinCo Foods, W Harris St, Eureka, CA, USA
“I got blueberries , after my 3 course meal I had maybe a cup of blueberries. They all tasted like bleach and my whole mouth was stained black but I wasn’t two bothered. This was about 8:00 pm.. I didn’t feel any sickness all night until I was woken out of my sleep at 5:00 am feeling the urge I was going to puke. I ran to the bathroom and up comes all of the blueberries, tasting like bleach coming up too. Even tho I ate a meal right before it, only blueberry came up. Not only once but so far twice in the last hour. Now it is 6am and I am very angry I was poisoned by my blueberries. You can’t trust your own food providers now a days. Fruit, God’s gift is being covered in poison to feed and hurt the people he created. Just terrible.”
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