Wingstop, East Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, TX, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
East Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, 75115 Texas, United States
Wingstop, East Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, TX, United States
“Got my 9 year old son and I 2 6pk combos with fries well done for lunch today. He had Lemon pepper and I had cajun with ranch. Shortly after we both began burping and having gas a couple hours later I was very nauseous... when we were leaving my school he said he wasn't feeling well... and described the same symptoms I was having. I responded see oh my God.. I was feeling the same way... he said maybe if I go to the bathroom I will feel better. He had diarrhea when he went and nausea continued. I had stomach pains tried to go to the bathroom but ended up throwing up while sitting on the toilet. He eventually threw up also. We have both been up periodically with chills, I'm shaking but not cold... since trying to go to bed at 10:30... it's 2am now. I researched food poisoning and seems that's what it may be. I have not gone to the doctor... if it persists into tomorrow we will.”
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