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Food Poisoning Botulism

What is botulism?

Botulism is a rare but serious illness caused by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin. The neurotoxin releases a poison that mainly attacks the body’s nerves which then leads to difficulty breathing, muscle paralysis, and even death.

How is botulism caused?

Foodborne botulism is often caused by eating home-canned foods that have not been canned properly. Commercial canning processes kill C. botulinum spores, making it much less likely for commercially canned food to be a cause of botulism.

What are the types of botulism?

There are a lot of factors that go into getting infected with the bacteria. However, there are many ways for humans to acquire botulism but these are the five major types: foodborne botulism, infant botulism, wound botulism, iatrogenic botulism, or adult intestinal toxemia.

Who is at risk for botulism?

The bottom line is, botulism is a very rare disease but it is one of the deadliest. Prisoners who drink homemade alcohol, such as pruno or hooch, are at greater risk of getting foodborne botulism. People who consume home-canned or home-fermented foods that haven’t been prepared properly also are at a greater risk of becoming seriously sick. These foods may include many types of meat and vegetables that are canned at home, as well as fermented Alaskan Native food. The good news is, most people live their entire lives without ever getting infected with botulism.

When do symptoms of botulism appear?

The onset of symptoms for botulism depends on the way a person has acquired the bacteria. In foodborne botulism, symptoms generally begin 18 to 36 hours after eating a contaminated food.

What are the symptoms of botulism and how long do they last?

Despite the types of botulism bacteria, the symptoms are usually the same. The most telling symptom of the disease is a weakness that begins on both sides of your face that goes down to your neck, and then all the way to the rest of your body. Other signs and symptoms may include the following and will last for about 8-12 weeks:

  • Difficulty swallowing and breathing
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Muscle weakness
  • Double or blurry vision
  • Difficulty moving the eyes
  • Slurred speech

But there can also be presence of the following common symptoms of foodborne illnesses: 

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea

Does botulism cause any complications? 

The symptoms of botulism all come from muscle paralysis caused by the toxin. Without treatment, the disease may progress and cause full paralysis in breathing muscles or other body parts (such as arms, legs, and torso). 

How is botulism diagnosed? 

Your doctor might check for symptoms of botulism, such as muscle weakness, a weak voice, and drooping eyelids. They will also ask you about foods eaten or given to the baby. The attending physician may order a lab test to analyze your blood or stool sample. Other tests may be needed such as: 

Nerve and muscle function tests. Electromyography can also aid in confirming a case of botulism. 

Brain scan. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain can rule out other reasons for the symptoms, such as stroke. 

Tensilon test. This is done to rule out myasthenia gravis, which has similar symptoms. 

Spinal fluid exam. A person with botulism typically has a slight increase in protein levels in their cerebrospinal fluid, but this is considered normal for the disease. 

What is the treatment for botulism? 

Botulism happens when the bacteria's neurotoxin is released into a person's body and attacks the body’s nerves which results in breathing difficulties, muscle paralysis, and even death. 

Doctors usually prescribe an antitoxin, which prevents the further toxin from causing any more harm to the body. Unfortunately, the antitoxin does not have the ability to heal the damage the toxin has already done. Depending on how severe your symptoms are, you may need to stay in the hospital for weeks or even months.

What can you do to prevent botulism? 

Make sure your hands and other items are as clean as possible before canning food. To reduce the chance of contaminating your food, it is important to clean and store the food properly. 

The botulism toxin is easily eradicated through exposure to high temperatures, so if you’re eating home-canned food, you may want to boil it for about 10 minutes to kill the bacteria. Proper refrigeration can also help prevent the growth of C. botulinum, too. 

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Recent Botulism Reports

Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea,Nausea,Vomiting
Suspected source: canned tuna, canned chickpeas
Onset: 5 hours
Duration: 3 days
Sick: only me
Additional information: n/a | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Last night, Expired canned vodka soda by High Noon The cases only hold 8 cans & I had 3 drinks. Soon after I started violently vomiting and explosive diarrhea. This morning I went & checked the case & it expired in May & the cans were bulging at the bottom of the remaining cans. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Nausea See Less

Since Thursday. Extreme diarrhea and 103 fever Crown Prince Smoked canned oysters

08/29 update: The store knows and pulled the rest of the stock. I am still having extreme stomach cramping and diarrhea | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Fever, Nausea, Cramps See Less

I am so sorry it has come to this but we have waited for your promisted investigation from our Food Poisoining incident of my wife and my self from the turna you served to us in your resturant,I We tried to settle this matter as reasonable guests... See More in your hotel only asking for reimbursment for our medical bills but as we both know your General Manager there not the owner as he tried to pass him self off to us and others as we have found out what his actual title is thru our team attys who have taken this case at no charge to us considering what has happened to us and the paper work we showed them from the doctor they have reviewed.Since you failed on your promise to provide us with a full investigation report we have not sought legal action and will be providing the dept of health of Boracay and akalanwith a full report of the incident of what happened at your hotel,We also will be informing them that they are welcome to provide any and all information to any higher officals in the Government of the philippinnes health depts.We also will provide a full report to the actual owner of the Ambassador in paradise not the General Mamanger who tells everyone he is the owner of the resortso that no complaints go farther us the latter to the real owner of the ambassador in Paradise resort,as you know we only ate in your restireant our first few days and stayed by the pool and only ate in your resturant every single meal ,all drinks were brought in bottled water,canned cokes and ice tea which you came to your room and say for your self when i opened the refigeratioer.Being 5 months in the Philippinnes and my second trip here for an extended stay I am very well away to drink NO WATER hereas your General manager tried to claim we went to other resturants and ate and drank and we told him to check all his resturant reciepts and security camera footage to see where we ate and drank only in your premisis,since it has been weeks and we are still sickand have seen doctorswho have also examined the doctor in Boracays paperwork and came to the same conclusion and exactly all the same medications were administered to us both ,And you have faild to provide us with the promised investigation we were supposed to see ,we assume you are not being forthright with us ,We will be coming back to Boracay and we will be starting out oun investigation with private investigatiorsto get to the bottom of what almsot killed my wife and made me gravely sick,And as you know im sure Histimine poisoning can last for months and month and unfortunaly in our case this seems to be happening,we had hoped for a quick recovery horriffic nightmayer of a vacation at your resort we took our 12 year old grand daughter for a vacation and you ,we just wanted a enjoyable time not a night mayer 6 out of 9 days we were sick in our rooms deathly ill under a doctors care,Now that we have had several independent Doctors examine us and our paperwork there is no dought we were poisoned in the Restureant by Histimine from your tunawhich reascts in minutes after concuming in from improperly handled tuna,We now have incurred more doctor bills and have heard absolutle nothing from your so called investigation from your Doctor who told us when we were treated it was histimine poisoning and that my GF would have been much worse off had she not became unconcious at your dinner table and went in to a type of allergic reaction from histimine poisoning not shellfish poisoningwhich she is allergic tiwhile unconciousim screaming for help help please someone help me and your security guard two waiters and two waitresses came to help as she was unconcious and I thought omg my GF im Dieing right in front of methen she slowly vomited which the medicsal doctor in boracay saidshe would have been much worse had she not vomited the TUNA SALAD U P and it ALLLLL came upshe regained conciouswas put in a wheelchair in a hoyel van and a wonderful driver drove at high speed as we had to idea what was wrong with her at that time,blowing the hoorn flashing the lights thank god i was able to thank him for saving m future wife as we are getting married in sept in the USA.And I will tell you one thing that I have told you before I am NOT some very poor tourist that will be going away ,If i have to I will make this a internatina incident thru out Borsacay,the USA and any other country that comes here to visit.I tried to be very nice with you All i asked for was reimbursement for out medical bills i did not even ask for the time on our vacation you made us sick,But your general Manager who we asked how much one medium size load of laundry we to has washed told us oh we can not tell you how much its charged by the weight,they came to our door with a bill of close to 6,000 pesoswell over $100 american dollars,thats is the highest bill in all my world travels. Also we have pictures of your General Manager walking his poodle and black lab with this face showing clearly as if you remember i have a very expensive camber,he is walking right by the signs on the beack that clearly states NO DODS ALLOWED ON THE BEACH, We have him mant times walking and pictures of his dog decicateing ,which means Shiting in the beach and peeing on the beach up and down the beach in the direction of the large rock out croping and I am going to turn all my pictures in because of how your general manager treated us in the lobby yelling and screaming like a lunitic,mad man out of control who had lost his mind as my gf and i sat in chairs posing no threat to him untill he got so agressive i felt he was a threat of injureing myself or m y gfwe kept quiet as he ranted and raved as we were scared to deathto this insane man,Finially We had had enough .I am very calm natured but can only be pushed so far and being a former heavyweight professional Boxer retired,I stood up out of my chair there is cctc camera footage of this unless they got rid of it,I stood in his face as he continued to rant and rave like a lunitic who lost his mind saying in 27 years no ones been poisoined in his resturant,which I do know is a lie,I can show you in five mion utes on google and along with the other lady watching in the lobby who stayed the same week as us he husband ate the tune and became very ill and had to stay in his room also,We have her name address and she would be glad to corroberate everything that happened and how this man ttreated us your General manager.I was waiting for your General Manager who was pointing his finger in my face to touch i stood calmly in front of him.I had concerned of his hurting my 5 ft gf which would have been a big mistake for him as she is a kick boxing instructor,by then all your employees had gathered in the main reception center,all we asked for was our medical bills to be reimbursed we are not greedy people but are still sick from this ,I bet if you ever got to take the time to know us you would find out we are some of the most honest people you ever me,I managed 2 million american dollar store 18 years successfully my employees loved my i managed another1milion american dollar store,plus another smaller one in 37 years i have never ever been treated by a General Manager in any store in any country in the world sir .I am a work traveler I do free lance Magazine articals for major travel magizines.When I book hotels,resorts I do not reveal who I an so i get the true story of your resorts.Its not my to say or report bad articals,my job is to report whats good about these resorts so people come and enjoy them thats what sells magizinines.The only think I have unfortuntatly to report about your restnot very pleasent and thats the part of my job I really do not like to report.but theres so much bad treatemnt other than your wonderful i rate 10+ philippino staff who by all means should all recieve commendation .Maybe if the real owner employed a Respectiable Philippino Resort manageryou would not have so mant disgusting bad reports on and many other sites,The only one you have 5 stars on is who allows the hotels to add there own star ratings to there adds which is borderline fraud,just read the very small print and disclaimer from Agoda which says they leave it up to the hotels to live up to there ratings.

Since we know all the proper authoritys,News papers,Magazines,Health Depts, or the proper islands and we have hired Publicity agencys to post mant sighns,warnings as we have the prooffrom the doctor and other doctors if he would like to contest his own findings when we were brought in and if he wants all of his staff dragged in to court,alsong with anyone in the resturantwho saw us all three days in the resturant in the Ambassasdor eating our first 3 dayswe have all reciepts for th water,cokes and ice tea we bought the first dat of our arrival we are not new to the philippinnes and know not to drink the water and all the other excuses your General Manager made trying to get out of his responsibility for paying out small medical bills which had he treated us like a decent humba beings like we are im a world class bussinessman,you tried to intimindate and bullythe wrong man this time telling me to get out of your hotel id already paid for my rooms in ,and what did i tell you,I said im not going any where and it is people like you who give such a fine resort as the ambassador our second stay there such a bad name all over the world,you the General manager do nothing,and I mean nothing there I know what a General Managers job is,Your on nothing more than a paid vacation .in the morning he walks down eats his free breakfest,waslks back to his roomlater he walks his dogs where it is not legal to walk them because people lay on the beach where his dogs shit and piss and there kids play and oh please doubt he on this i have proofevery day 3 times a daythats 21 shits and pisses a week 100 a month do you want to lay in that! have your kids plays in it he walks right by the sign that says no dogs on the beach he would have to be a blind man to not see it and it have his face and dogs after that he puts his dogs in a 2x2 steel cage in the sun with no food or water where all your guests see it and look in horror in his befalf once in a while he puts a very tiny planget on top of the cage,The pool needs chlorine in it by wife caught some kind of skin infection we can take pictures of it if you like,Your secure room safes are secxured with two very small wood screws to the back of the clothing cabinet our was so loose there was no senses in putting anything in it ,There are no phones in the rooms what if someone comes in the room to commit a rape or crime ,We came fromthe USA and other countrys to stay at the Ambassador for 9 lovely days and it was the absolutle worst nightmayer I have ever experienced in 50 years of traveling and writing for travel magizines,I know recently You recieved a great Write up from Time magizine,but aparently they did not go in the water to experience the trash,plastic etc,maybe you should have a look the beachs looked nice but the water was a trash dump
The ambassador in parasdise has cctc footage i will ask for it but im sure they will not release it with out an atty they have footage of in the resturand and it the office when the general manager was going nuts and threatening us,also the doctor has said he is conducting an investigation in to it but it has been several weeks which makes me belive since he was supposed to send us a copy we have heard nothing from Ambassador in paradise or the doctor emergency clinicwe think they are covering up what happened to us since they kept asking when are you leaving which was the 9th of aug I think thats plenty of time to conduct an investigation ,We also have plenty of paperwork wwwe will forward to you from the doctor stateing the tuna caused it,I will get with my gf tomotrro to get that ,they the doctor also claimed we drank water sometime in the last 14 weeks at some place and thats what made us sick,I said you mean we drank water at sometimes in the last 14 weeks that was bad then we both happened to be eating tuna in the same resturant at the same time and both got sick from food poisonion ,Im going to tell you what is going on here and when we confronted the doctor he had no way to back outthis clinic is not far from the ambassador in paradise i think the doc and General mgr are friends when we first arrived at the clinic he tolf us we both were sich from histimine poisoning from the tuna they server us there he told us he had even been sich from it a few days eariler so he knew exactly what was wrong,then he told my gf you are so lucky when you were unconcious that you womited all of it up out of your stomack or you would be in real troublelater there was another meeting at our hotel room with the doctor and hotel represenatives who tried to say we had bad water sometimes in 14 weeks then we both got sich at the same time in there resturant eating turn? bullshit,my gf is a 58 year old filipina and does not drink any water here and im 5 months here and drink bottled water only we showed the doctor and hotel reresentatives our friege full of bottled water ,canned cokes and ice tea bottled the first 3 dats we ate only in there resturant check the cashier reciepts or if we paid with credit card reciepts we will show you them i forgot how we paid plus there is cctc cameras in the resturant after they almost killed my gf we never ate there again and ate at hennan and never ever got sickagain after we recovered 5 days later,I asked the resturand manager where he got his tuna he said local fishermen tuna has to be kept cold or it developes histimine poisoning which can kill you! In this heat in the philippinnes tuna goes bad very fasd ice mels incredicably fast and ice is very expensive.P lease send m e another message and ill have all the papers together these people also when we asked how much for one med load of laundry they said oh we cant tell you its charged by the weight so we figured ok we dont have much go ahead they came back with a billof about $120.00 american or 6747.54 pesos i think it was for one medium load of cloths.this this General manager walks his two dogs a poodle and black lab right past the no dogs on the beach signs and allows them to shit and pee where his guests lay 3 times a day or more 7 days a week ,Id provide more hard copy information but we are still recovering from food poisoning from that ambassador in paradise and have been to an additional doctor,But trust me i have pictures of his dogs doing there bussiness right by the signs and his smileing along with paperwork from the doctor that states the tuna salad after it was consumed by my gf made her violently sick with in minutes i ate a smaller tuna takai but was sick after we were rushed by hiotel staff lights flashing horn blowing thru town at high speed as no one knew what was wrong then we all thought my gf was dying  | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever
See Less

How is that possible? This is a sexually transmitted bacteria and not by food poisoning.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I ate 3 Rubicon Cupcakes around 4pm and started to feel a slight jab in my head after eating that was mild and seemed to go away. Then I felt really tired and went to bed early. I woke up with an extreme headache, nausea, diarrhea and... See More felt sick for the whole day. I couldn't take any food until evening, but just kept running to the bathroom.

The next morning, I scanned the barcode on Yuka ap and there are hazardous materials materials! Monocalcium phosphate (acidifying agent) and disodium diphosphate (texturing agent). When I read the ingredients in the store it didn't seem like they would be harmful. I've learned an important lesson to not rust food companies anymore. I wonder why anyone would put hazardous materials, ingredients in their food? I returned the rest of the cupcakes, but went back to the store 2 weeks later and they are still on the shelf.

#rubicon #vegancupcake #poisonousingredients #poisoninfood #Monocalciumphosphate #disodiumdiphosphate | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Headache, Fatigue
See Less

My wife, aged 85, became violently sick, vomiting and diaharrea, after eating canned Kirkland signature roast beef in broth. I am a vegeterian and, the only difference in our diet on that day, yesterday, August 11, was the canned KIRKLAND signature roast beef in broth (canned). My... See More wife was violently ill with all symptoms of food poisoning and because of our different diets it was easy to determine what the source of the problem was. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

Got extremely I’ll after eating Amy’s canned lentil soup for dinner. Threw up within an hour of eating twice the dry heaved. This was last night and just dry heaved this morning at 5am. No fever or other symptoms.

08/04 update: I am feeling better. | Symptoms: Vomiting See Less

I ate canned tuna and have been so nauseous and threw up | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting See Less

This evening-now, Amy's Golden Lentil Canned Soup The expiration on the bottom of the can was 11/24 | Symptoms: Nausea, Cramps, Stomach Pain See Less

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