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According to the FDA, Jumbo Foods issued a recall of their frozen and fresh chicken salad sandwiches, Tuscan Sun brand, as they may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. This recall originated after their poultry supplier, Tip Top Poultry, issued a voluntary recall of several ready to eat products due to potential Listeria contamination. No illnesses have been reported so far.

Tuscan Sun chicken salad sandwiches

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A voluntary recall of the "Premo" and "Fresh Grab " Ham & Cheese Wedge Sandwiches was issued by Lipari Foods because of the possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesses have been reported linked to this recall to date.

Premo and Fresh Grab Ham & Cheese Wedge Sandwiches

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A specific lot of Frozen Blackberries produced by Cornerstone Premium Foods is being recalled because of their potential to be contaminated with Norovirus, according to the recall notice published by the FDA. No illnesses have been reported so far.

Cornerstone Frozen Blackberries

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Grand Strand Sandwich Company issued a recall of their Lunch Box Chicken Salad Fresh Wedges, Lunch Box Chicken Salad Frozen Wedges, Fresh and Local Chicken Salad Croissants products because they may be contaminated with Listeria. This recall originated after one of their chicken suppliers, Tip Top Poultry, issued a voluntary recall of ready to eat products due to possible Listeria contamination. No illnesses have been linked to this recall so far.

Grand Strand Sandwich Company recall

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FDA published a recall of Robin Hood® All Purpose Flour by J. M. Smucker Company due to possible E. coli contamination. The company stated that this recall does not impact any Robin Hood® products sold in Canada. No illnesses have been related to this product so far.

Robin Hood all-purpose flour recalled

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Recent Interesting Reports

Ben and Jerry’s, Walmart Supercenter, 1151 U.S. 90, Castroville, TX 78009, United States

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Fever Cramps Headache
“Bought the tonight dough by Ben and Jerry’s. My kids and I ate it Monday night, woke up the next morning with fever, Severe headache, severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I wasn’t sure that it was the ice cream at first so I ate a little bit last night (Friday)... See More and confirmed this morning that it WAS the ice cream that made us sick.
Reported By User

Long John silver's, Houston, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea
“How I know it was because I had my morning p**p, it was solid and fine. After the 2 for $6 fish + crab cake. I immediately felt it. In and out of the rr 7 times that same day. Going on my 2nd day of diarrhea. Will when this... See More nightmare end.
Reported By User

Kroger, El Mar Lane, Seabrook, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Other
“Doritos Original I was the only one who ate them. At 7pm June 5 I began to eat Doritos on a nearly empty stomach. I continued to eat them until 9:30pm. I ate 1/5 large bag but not family size. I drank water as well. As I went to bed... See More I began to feel nauseous and my stomach felt hard and bubbly. After a long time I managed to position myself just right to go to sleep. At 4am I awoke because of nausea and I had a dream I was eating something nasty. I felt like vomiting so I went downstairs and got another glass of water and a tangerine. I drank most of the water and the tangerine at 4am. I got back in bed and felt the same. After another long time I positioned myself well and was able to go to sleep maybe at 5:30am with great difficulty. I woke up at 12pm June 6 and still feel a hard stomach and mild nausea. I am extremely lethargic at this time and still in bed now at 1:30pm
Reported By User

Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar, Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Cramps
“Ordered a chicken sandwich with ceaser salad for delivery. Within an hour I had severe abdominal cramping followed by diarrhea which continued throughout the evening and this morning. Just starting to feel better now. ”
Reported By User

Rosa's Café & Tortilla Factory, Midland Drive, Midland, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Stomach Pain
“I just ate lunch an hour and a half ago. I ate 1 chicken and avocado burrito from there. Was nauseous after eating and just vomited. as I was finishing the burrito I started feeling very full, I only had 1 burrito. With in minutes I felt a bit nauseous... See More and pressure in my tummy. After an hour past I vomited. I have had diarrhea for days now so thats not new but the stomach pain and nausea and vomiting are new.
Reported By User

Roberto's Taco Shop, North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Other Stomach Pain
“Carne asada fries from there Just 1, took about 2-3 hours for symptoms to start. Really nauseous and it’s difficult to concentrate. Now there’s a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. ”
Reported By User

Costco Wholesale, Southwest Jenkins Road, Beaverton, OR, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“I have eaten the Hand Pulled Rosisseried Chicken several times in the past, always accompanied by low-level nausea and diarrhea the next day even though I cook the chicken an additional 20+minutes because its always a little raw. I was never able to tie my illness directly to the hand... See More pulled chicken until yesterday when it was all I ate that was unique.
Reported By User

KFC, Pretoria, South Africa

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Cramps
“I ate dunked wings I ate them last night and i have a running tummy the whole night every 10mins i go to the the only one who ate them ”
Reported By User

Richmond, VA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Stomach Pain
“It was my self I order a good fried chicken salad on that last we'd evening Just my self I order food for my fiance he did not get sick it was just me and I ate the whole entire salad that was a crazy part it was good but... See More it made me sick as a dog
Stomach pain diarrhea nausea
Reported By User

Hidden Sichuan Restaurant, East Stockton Boulevard, Elk Grove, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Other
“Ordered food through Postmates, that part was great. The food however was terrible, ordered the basics and one order of deep fried fish. My son took a bite of the fish and chewed on a piece of wood (chop stick?) all of us started feeling sick almost immediately. ”
Reported By User

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