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New Salmonella cases linked to widespread food poisoning problem from chicken in Canada

Government health officials are investigating a new nationwide outbreak of dozens of Salmonella infections that are linked to a frozen chicken nugget products. There have now been 15 outbreaks of illnesses in less than two years linked to raw chicken in the country that have sickened hundreds of people.

A January 26 notice posted by Sofina Foods says that “out of abundance of due diligence” it is recalling Crisp & Delicious Chicken Breast Nuggets due to the reported illnesses.

According to the Canadian government, when not thoroughly cooked, frozen breaded chicken products containing raw chicken pose an increased health risk to individuals who handle, prepare or consume them. These products may appear to be pre-cooked or browned, but they should be handled and prepared with caution.

Anyone can get food poisoning as a result of a Salmonella infection, but infants, children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems are at higher risk of serious illness because their immune systems are more fragile. Most people who become ill from a Salmonella infection will recover fully after a few days. It is possible for some people to be infected with the bacteria and to not get sick or show any symptoms, but to still be able to spread the infection to others.

Since May 2017 there have been 529 laboratory-confirmed cases as part of the illness outbreaks across the country, with 90 individuals hospitalized. For more information, please read this public health notice.

Recent Interesting Reports

Coles four fruits mix, online shopping Mowbray TAS, Australia

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting
“Coles four fruit mix: 500g: grown in Chile: BEST BEFORE; 22MAY 22: LOT : CF 0 143 2-8. Symptoms projectile vomiting uncontrollable diarrhea, very violent.
My Delivery Order 106524463, Friday morning 17th July ”
Reported By User

Taco Bell, Rhea County Highway, Dayton, TN, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Cramps
“I ordered a crunch wrap supreme and a chicken quesadilla with a Baja blast this morning around 1am. I had bad gas and stomach cramps around 5am then 7am the bloody diarrhea started, and a little nausea but no vomiting so far. I have had about 4 trips to the... See More bathroom with diarrhea and still have bad stomach cramps as of right now it's currently 8:44am
Reported By User

Meijer, Illinois Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Chills Sweating Stomach Pain Weakness
“Earthbound farm boxed spring mix Ate the boxed spring mix last night around 8pm. Started feeling sick to stomach around 11pm. Went to sleep and woke up about 4am feeling nauseated and weak. Vomited a little later and had gut wrenching pain in lower abdomen. Also had chills and sweats.... See More After I threw up, about 1/3 later started feeling sick again with same symptoms.
Reported By User

McDonald's, 9240 Bloomington Ferry Rd, Bloomington, MN, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Stomach Pain
“I decided to stop here to get a couple hash browns and a biscuit, around 8:00am and at 9:20am I started to experience extreme stomach pains and nausea, I am still in the toilet with “explosive” diarrhea, I almost vomited a couple times but held it back. This is the... See More last tile I eat their breakfast again.
Reported By User

Sainsbury's Balham, Balham High Road, London, UK

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“I ate some mussells (the ready cooked kind that come frozen) and within 14 hours had diarrhoea & 24 hours after was throwing up constantly as well. Not over it yet but hopefully it will pass soon. ”
Reported By User
|1 person found this review helpful

MOD Pizza, Fauntleroy Way Southwest, Seattle, WA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“BYO pizza with marinara, mozzarella, artichokes, pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, garlic, and ranch. My boyfriend had the same minus the artichokes, ranch, and pineapple. Both of us had it for dinner on 8/06/20 and we started having diarrhea the next morning. I also feel nauseated and vomit at least once a... See More day. It’s been 2 days and we’re still sick.
Reported By User

Torchy's Tacos, La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Other Headache Weakness Bloating Chills Sweating Fever
Salmon taco and bushwhacked
Started with abdominal bloating beyond comfort, then fever chills, hot cold sweats all night. Liquid diarrhea. Nausea. Headaches. Too weak to stand, likely lowered blood pressure. Lasting more than 72 hours now ”
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, North Rock Road, Wichita, KS, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Stomach Pain
“I ate on July 23. I got a chicken burrito with white rice, black beans, veggies, corn, pico, lettuce, and cheese. I also got a side of chips and guac. I felt fine after eating the chips and guac, but not even halfway into my burrito my stomach began to... See More hurt. I was up all night going to the toilet but only vomited once. Not even 24 hours has gone by and I'm still lunging for the toilet.
Reported By User

Greggs, Burgess Hill, UK

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Fever Stomach Pain
Vegan sausage roll, only thing consumed that day. Couple of hours later laid up in agony with a terrible stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.
Don’t usually stoop to such low grade food but arm was twisted by a friend. Instant regret. ”
Reported By User

Spinach, Harris Teeter, 1631 Kalorama Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting
Spinach 1 got sick, she ate a salad we made at home. ~3 hours later she was nauseous, then she began to throw up and has been throwing up for 3 hours. She is unable to keep even water down. I've verified that the bags we got were spinach mix... See More & kale mix from Fresh Express. Maybe her experience is linked to the Cyclospora contamination?
I had the same salad the day before, and I was totally fine, but I'm not sure what else it could've been as we've eaten nearly all of the same foods.

Reported By User

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