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"Partnering with was a logical choice" - The Florida Department of Health


".. a great starting point for reporting foodborne illness" - Arizona Department of Health Services


Chipotle Meeting Outlines Food Safety to Workers and Message for Public New York Times | By Stephanie Strom

Chipotle Mexican Grill closed its more than 2,000 restaurants for four hours on Monday to hold a "virtual" town hall meeting with its employees about steps it said it was taking to improve food safety and regain consumers' trust.

"… had detected a potential problem in Chipotle's Sim Valley, Calif., store long before news of the Norovirus issue was reported.”

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cbs-news on CBS news, was used as a resource to help with this story:

Dozens Fall Ill After Eating At Simi Valley Chipotle | By CBS Los Angeles

A Chipotle restaurant in the Simi Valley Town Center is under fire Saturday after multiple reports of customers falling ill after eating at the restaurant have surfaced. Read More



Food poisoning website a valuable tool, health official says Sandusky Register | By Tom Jackson

A norther Ohio health official says people who like to dine out should visit a website called which allows visitors to post and read food poisoning reports...Read More.



States' using for outbreak alerts | By Dan Flynn

The crowdsourcing site has collected thousands of reports of foodborne illnesses from individuals across the United States since 2009 and is expanding with a custom alert service for state health departments...Read More



Can Social Media Help Identify Food Poisoning Outbreaks? | By Matt Baker

If you get food poisoning from a restaurant and report it on a crowd sourced review, you may be helping disease detectives trace mysterious disease clusters...Read More



Technology Changing the Way We Report, Find Out About, and Track Foodborne Illness | By Julie Markum Nelson

Cucumbers, cilantro, tuna, ice cream. Sounds like the beginnings of a tasty meal to me. Unfortunately, these are just a few items with negative headlines in the news this year due to links or suspected links to foodborne illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Read More



Crowdsourcing Gathers Foodborne Illness Reports Together On One Site | By Cathy Siegner

After suffering through three bouts of foodborne illness and not being able to do much about it, Patrick Quade decided to try and help others who find themselves in a similar position. He established a website in 2009 for people to report their experiences of being sickened by restaurant food. Read More


Logo Cited By CBS News in Recent Potential Food Poisoning Outbreak prweb | By prweb

Crowd site was referenced recently in a CBS News report in what appears to be a food poisoning outbreak at Chipotle restaurant in Simi Valley, CA. CBS News Los Angeles reported a number of customers had fallen ill after dining at the Chipotle, and noted a primary source as Read More



Needed: Tort Lawyers | By William Baldwin

Campylobacter, escherichia, salmonella, listeria-it's very dangerous to put things in your mouth. Foodborne illness sickens 76 million Americans a year, kills 5,000 and runs up $3 billion in hospital costs. What's the answer to this epidemic?...Read More