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Public Health FAQ

Q. How do I get report details and the complainant contact information?

A. On our email alerts, you will receive a list of the recent reports for your jurisdiction. Clicking on the report title will give you access to full report details and contact information, as shown in the following example.

Q. Is possible to contact directly with the complainant?

A. Yes, we made aware our users during the entire reporting process that they can be contacted for public health for further investigations. In this way, once you get report details and contact information you are welcome to contact directly with complainants.

Q. How often I’m going to receive this?

A. Unless you asked to a different setting, our alerts are set to be sent daily. We consider that is a good frequency to keep you informed and your inbox clear. However, if we detect possible outbreak clusters we will reach out as soon as possible.

Q. Why the report doesn’t contain contact information?

A. We have a high opt in rate of users providing contact info as we urge them at several points during the reporting process that if they do not provide contact information it is not possible for county health to follow up. However, there are times that users do not opt in to be contacted and reports does not include such information, but it still contains valuable information to outbreak detection.

Q. What to do with reports with no contact info?

A. As previously stated, in cases with no contact information, typically there is not much that can be done regarding following up directly with the complainant, except possibly consider it as a data point if other reports come in for the location over the next day or two, or directly to your agency. This can be useful to detect clusters that can indicate a bigger problem or an illness outbreak.

Q. There are reports from previous months or even years, why is that?

A. This happen when users recently discovered the website through a reference on social media or the news and wanted to report something that has happened in the past.


Q. Why do I get reports out of my jurisdiction?

A. We do our best to create alerts only to the city, county or state you requested but still it is possible to get reports from a store located out of your jurisdiction. In those cases, please contact us to fix it as soon as possible.

Q. Why the report doesn’t contain any description?

A. We encourage users to be as descriptive as can be and to include pictures to their reports but there are a few people who choose not to share any more information than the store location and name. As previously mentioned, these reports are helpful when part of clusters that lead to outbreaks detection.