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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get report details and the complainant contact information?

On our email alerts, you will receive a list of the recent reports for your jurisdiction. Clicking on the report title will give you access to full report details and contact information, as shown in the following example.

How to get full report details & contact information

Is possible to contact the complainant directly?

Yes, our users are aware that during the entirety of the reporting process, they may be contacted by public health for further investigation. Once you receive report details and phone/email information you can contact complainants directly.


How often will I receive alerts?

Unless requested otherwise, email alerts arrive once daily, seven days a week. This frequency keeps you informed without cluttering your inbox. Additionally, if we detect possible outbreak clusters we will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Why are some reports missing contact information?

We have a high opt-in rate of users providing contact information; we urge them several times during the reporting process that if they do not provide contact information, it is not possible for county health to follow up on their report. There are times that users choose not to provide an email or phone number, however, these reports still contain valuable information that can help detect outbreak clusters.


Why are some reports missing descriptions?

We encourage users to be as descriptive as possible including the ability to add photos to their reports. However, some choose not to share any more information about the event besides the store location and name. These reports still play a vital role in early outbreak detection, through report clusters.


What can I do with reports that are missing information?

As mentioned above, reports that are missing descriptions or contact information should be valued as data points. If we receive multiple reports for the same location within the next few days, or if your agency receives other reports, these data points can be useful in detecting clusters that can indicate a bigger problem or a possible outbreak.


Why are some reports dated from previous months, or even years?

This happens when users recently discover our website, often through social media or the news, and want to report an event that happened to them in the past.


Why did I receive reports outside of my jurisdiction?

We do our best to only send you alerts for to the city, county or state you requested, but it is possible for you to accidentally receive a report from a store located outside of your jurisdiction. If this happens, please contact us and we’ll correct the issue as soon as possible.