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    Whenever you eat fast food, there is a chance that you will get food poisoning. Salmonella is a possibility, especially if the restaurant is preparing raw chicken or pork products. Even at clean fast-food restaurants, it’s still possible for you to get food poisoning.

    Last updated: November 27, 2022

    Product: Fast Food

    I was out to dinner with my girlfriend and her family, and despite the ill feeling afterwards, we had a very pleasant experience. 5 out of the 6 of us there woke up with upset stomachs, and one of us threw up.
    Everyone who feels sick ate... See More breakfast food items. Not everyone ate the same things but there were some overlaps, such as eggs, bacon, turkey bacon, toast and pancakes.
    We are unsure of exactly what caused the ill-feeling, but we suspect one of the prior listed.
    We went to here on November 26th, at about 7:30ish | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting
    See Less

    Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea,Nausea,Vomiting,Fever,Stomach Pain,Cramps,Chills,Headache
    Suspected source: their Fast Food
    Onset: 8 hours
    Duration: Days
    Additional information: Thank you so very much for all that you do for everyone! | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Fever, Stomach Pain, Cramps, Chills, Headache See Less

    Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea,Nausea,Vomiting,Stomach Pain,Cramps,Chills,other: Other
    Suspected source: Dave’s double, classic chicken blt, fries, classic nuggets (6pc)
    Onset: 7hrs
    Duration: 3 days
    Sick: 2
    Additional information: Suspect outbreak of new terrifying fast food related illness See Less

    Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea,Stomach Pain,Cramps
    Suspected source: Fast food
    Onset: 2 hours
    Duration: 6 hours
    Sick: Not sure
    Additional information: Super bad diarrhea omg never had this b4 | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Stomach Pain, Cramps See Less

    Every time I eat the hamburgers from any their store I get stomach cramps and diarrhea!!!! Every time at any their store and NO other hamburgers from any fast food or from the grocery store does that to me so I know for a FACT it’s the... See More meat from there! I don’t know why but obviously something in their meat does it to me and I am 50 years old male and I have eaten a lot of hamburger meat in my life. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Cramps See Less

    Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea,Nausea,Stomach Pain,Cramps
    Suspected source: Fast food
    Onset: 2 hours
    Duration: 8 hours
    Sick: Not sure
    Additional information: No | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Cramps See Less

    This morning, around 7:50am I stopped in there to get some gas and a coffee. Didn’t really have time to wait in line to order food. But a guy came out from the back and put like 6 to 8 new wrapped breakfast sandwiches and a few... See More burritos on the hot oven rack display towards check out. Right away a few people in line grabbed a few what looked to be fresh hot newly wrapped breakfast food. Guy in front of me, grabbed 3 from the rack and then his wife came up out of no where and she already had one she must have picked out already holding on to and handed him , and explained to him that she couldn’t find him. . One more person grabbed a sandwich after this. Money see money do. I should of known better not to grab a burrito of all things. And a pork one at that. I didn’t read the fine print . Just the sign that said hot ad freshly made. Yeah right think again. Well that’s the problem. I wasn’t thinking. Thought it would be safe and delicious right? I mean, what more could you ask for in better top quality top quality for gas station food? Right? Oh no was I wrong. Think again. Couldn’t work., ate that burrito and projectile vomited my guts out or some kind of pork chunk guts for like 2 hours straight and a couple more times throughout the day. Still have a bit of Nausea and a bit of a queezzy stomach. Finally felt ok to eat again this evening. But have had fever like symptoms and diarrhea all day. Thank god my mother sells doterrah and took care of me and gave me the right concoction to nurse me back to feeling better again. Not 100% but hopefully it will all pass by mornings. And my car is clean clean disinfected from it all now. What an absolutely terrible experience.
    I should of known better. I’m sure I’m not the only one that got sick today. Note to self, don’t ever eat anything hot or cold packaged from a gas station unless you see them make it yourself. Cause hands don’t lie. Stickers do,
    Thanks a lot!!! 🫵Suck😡well at least the one here.
    Don’t do it!!
    💩😕💩😩💩 | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Gas
    See Less
    Wawa, State Road 70 East, Bradenton, FL, USA photo #1

    Hubbie and I waited an hour before got breakfast food. Waitress was absent-minded…kept forgetting basic things like straws, sweet and low, silverware.

    Finally got our food. Hubbie watched it sit on the counter for a while. It was hot enough and we were hungry enough to eat... See More tho.

    I got steak tips and over medium eggs. Toast hard as a rock. Couldn’t eat it.

    Less than 12 hrs later, and I’m on the toilet for the 2nd time with horrible diarrhea. Had to take anti-nausea pill and then 2 activated charcoal, just to slow the extreme nausea that was quickly setting in. Better now, thank God.

    Afraid to leave the toilet. I have business travel tomorrow and I pray this runs through me tonight.

    Hubbie not experiencing any issues. He had an omelet and pancakes. We both split my hashbrowns. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea
    See Less

    I had ordered a family meal we ate out food even after the quality fair fair too poor now we all have Diarrhea, someone needs to check the food hygiene and cleaning. I know fast food doesn’t all agree with everyone’s stomachs but it was not isolated... See More my wife and kids also have it and are off school because of the meal the night before | Symptoms: Diarrhea See Less

    Long lasting abdominal pains and cramps after eating two large slices of pepperoni pizza from here eat inside or carry out restaurant.
    Important Note: I experienced long lasting abdominal cramps and pains after eating two large slices of pepperoni pizza from there on Sunday, September 4, 2022... See More and again on Monday, September 26, 2022. I also had a 20 oz cup of Pepsi Cola along with my two large slices of pepperoni pizza after I added a complimentary pack of red pepper spices and parmigiana cheese condiments to each slice during my visit. I observed the water running down from the from the Minute Maid Lemonade tap water line and the Pepsi Cola tap water line in the soda fountain machine to the far right of the restaurant before I filled my cup up with Pepsi Cola soda. The water from the Minute Maid Lemonade tap water line was much crystal clearer looking than the not so clear looking water from the Mountain Dew tap water line. After I finished observing the differences between the crystal clearness of the water from each individual tap water line, I filled my cup up with Pepsi Cola soda. I wanted some water to drink and rinse my mouth out with after I finished eating. I filled my cup up with water from the Minute Maid Lemonade tap water line. The taste of the tap water was unpleasant and tasted like mildew and old metal plumbing issues existed inside the soda fountain machine’s waterline. I have experienced this same tap water quality and taste issue at other fast food restaurants as well. Sometimes I would just avoid ordering a fountain soda beverage if I knew there was a tap water quality issue with a particular soda fountain machine, or I would just bring a bottled beverage instead. My stomach is still irritated as of now, Thursday, September 29, 2022. I’m exercising and eating lemons and apples with iodized salt in order to speed up my recovery. | Symptoms: Cramps, Other, Stomach Pain See Less

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