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Costco Wholesale, 2001 Ventura Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93036, United States
Sintomas: Diarreia, Vomitando, Cãibras, Stomach Pain
I ate hot Cheetos as a snack during the day & was fine, later that night I began to feel stomach cramps which made it hard to go sleep. Eventually I dozed off, but I kept waking up every hour with pains worsening. By 5am I had gone to the bathroom & was feeling severe abdominal pain that would come and go in waves. I ended up throwing up & having bad diarrhea. After a hot shower by 6am I was feeling somewhat better, mainly glad I was able to get through the ordeal, this is the second time this happens to me after eating hot Cheetos. Maybe it was a bad batch or something, but I won’t be eating hot Cheetos anymore.
— Reportado pelo usuário 6 de agosto de 2020 03:25