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Domino's Pizza, 7th Avenue, Anoka, MN, United States
Sintomas: Diarreia, Náusea, Vomitando
this is the 2nd time I have gotten under cooked pizza and bread bites from dominos. My fiancé and I ordered a new one to be delivered just by opening the box from the original order it was NOT edible. My fiancé has been puking with dhiarea since after 7am this morning. I have had the same symptoms aside from vomiting. Naseua, stomach pain and dhiarea. Though I got my refund and didn't have to pay for the re order but I don't feel that's enough. My family ordered it this past week as well and experienced THE SAME symptoms but from a different dominos. Clearly there's something not right here.
— Reportado pelo usuário 22 de junho de 2017 13:13