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McDonald's, Marshall Hall Road, Bryans Road, MD, USA
Sintomas: Diarreia, Náusea, Vomitando
Me & hubby order 2 McDoubles & 1 McChicken and 2 small fries. They put lettuce on the Mcdouble & cheese on the McChicken ( they was vise versa ) we're not the type of couple to complain or anything so we let it go, we ate the food, my burger look like it been drop on the floor because it look like someone try to pick it up with their finger and a piece of it is just hanging out the bun and the cheese too but it's maybe they flip it weird and couldn't land on the bun ( I don't know ). But I could be overthinking so I ate my meal... 2 hours later I experienced the WORST CRAMP EVER. I'm a female ( sorry to be blunt but I'm trying to save people stomach here) my period is less painful than this type of cramp. I was shaking and got the chills, my body was trying to react to this food I just try to digest. I feel the need to " use the bathroom " and to puke. So I'm just laying here on the bathroom floor talking to God to please ease this pain for me. I'm still experiencing bad cramping but the more I lay here RELAXING trying to tolerate this pain and drinking water the pain is easing up. I never had a bad experiences with them until now. I'm never eating MCDONALDS AGAIN.
— Reportado pelo usuário 22 de novembro de 2018 03:00