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Starbucks, Saviers Road, Oxnard, CA, USA
Sintomas: Náusea, Vomitando
I went there on 8/2/20
@ 6:00 p. M.
I only ordered "pumpkin loaf".
I had Paid Cash.
Female cashier.
I came home about 6:45 & ate my pumpkin loaf.
It was tainted with something horrible. So I spit it out.
*It tasted like charcoal !
After I ate the pumpkin loaf i had called them 2 times & "spoke w/ Jr." He asked for my first & last name & phone #. He said that he would note it in a book they kept their. & That the next time that I was there they would give me a free pumpkin loaf.
I told him that I didn't want a free pumpkin loaf, I just didn't want anyone else to get sick from it.
I wasn't given a receipt & I paid with a $10 bill & .25 c
& received $7 & .10 c. back in pennies because they said that they were out of change. (nickels & dimes)

When I went there, I went through the drive thru & I was their from 6:02- 6:16 p. m. on Sunday, August 2nd.(I have screen shots taken from "google location time line".
I did not order anything else. I left @ 6:16 p.m. & I purchased water on the corner of Ventura blvd. & Channel Islands @ the "self fill up water tank".
I then went home.
I sat in my car & began to eat my pumpkin loaf. The first 1/2 of it was fine. Then I took another bite & swallowed some & spit out the rest. It tasted like charcoal. It was horribly disgusting! I went inside & threw up.
The next day I was still sick.
— Reportado pelo usuário 3 de agosto de 2020 19:49