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Tim Hortons, 935 Ramsey Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, Canada
Sintomas: Febre, Náusea, Vomitando
I bought food at the LAURENTIAN Tim hortons and it was the only thing I ate after my class finished at 6:40pm cause we got sent out early. Went to Tim hortons at 6:50pm, got back ate it then randomly felt sick. I barfed at 11:36pm and now I just feel weird. I know for a fact cause I did not eat anything that day but breakfast at 11:00am. Then the Tim hortons! I have the Tim hortons bag still and the cup but I ate it all and the bread that I bought! I haven’t used the washroom yet to know if I have diarrhea but my stomach hurts. I rarely vomit and as soon as I ate that chili, I felt sick!
— Reportado pelo usuário 15 de janeiro de 2019 01:00