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Chest Pain

Updated: September 5, 2022 4:56 AM
Halloumi Fries from here. Had them early hours of Sunday (21st August) morning. Went to bed when I had woke up at 11am wasn't feeling too good. By about 2pm projectile vomiting and diarrhea. Stopped vomiting after about 11 hours. Felt nauseous all day Sunday and Monday... See More also. Light chest pains on Monday that got worse overnight. Went to A&E on Tuesday as chest pains were unbearable. Ran tests(blood, unrine, ECGs etc.) Got moved to Coronary Care and kept in overnight attached to a heart monitoring machine(don't know technical name). Turns out the bacterial infection went for my heart and caused the pericardium(outer lining of the heart) to become inflamed. Got treated for Acute Pericarditis. On stong antibiotics to get rid of the infection & also on heart medication. Getting better but still not 100%. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Chest Pain See Less

Thursday, Lees chicken Yes I ate the chicken before I went to bed on Thursday woke up the next day very nauseated week low energy home and the next day after I fainted for a few hours came back to when to my wife house passed out... See More the weekend felt better to day felt a pain in lower left side of my body while rideing in a car now it moved up to my chest I’m in the tub soaking in epsom salt the rest of the day before i may have to call a abulance because it hurt when I drive | Symptoms: Nausea, Other, Weakness, Chest Pain See Less

I got the Amy’s burritos from here. The flavour is good but after eating it I am feeling sick with horrible chest pain and severe heartburn. Even my throat hurts. This is the worst heartburn I’ve had in a long time and feels similar to a heart attack. Also starting to sweat and feeling nauseous. | Symptoms: Chest Pain, Heartburn, Nausea, Sweating, Sore Throat See Less

I have been throwing up for an hour with cold sweats and chest pain after eating the gnocchi. I have eaten it before without having this issue but got severe stomach cramping and sweat about 30 minutes after eating it. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Chest Pain, Cramps, Sweating See Less

Had a spicy chicken sandwich with Colby jack cheese, fries, and a coke. My wife had chicken nuggets, fries, and a sweet tea. Food did not taste weird and I have ordered the same meal from the same location before. About 3-4 hours after eating I had... See More a sharp jabbing pain in my chest for 1-1.5 hours, before starting to feel nauseous in the car ride home. After getting inside I immediately and violently vomited in the toilet and kept going for an hour or so. My wife has not had any symptoms thankfully. I took some medicine and it subsided slightly, but then got extremely dizzy and lightheaded. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Lightheaded, Dizziness, Chest Pain See Less

I purchased shrimp from here on Thursday night. I later went home and cooked them. I was sick the following day. Symptoms started with tight chest, later it turned into upset stomach, diarrhea, coughing and fevers | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Cough, Stomach Pain, Chest Pain See Less

I ate a banana den started getting chest pains sort of and stomach cramps headache nausea | Symptoms: Nausea, Cramps, Headache, Chest Pain See Less

Coram, NY, USA

4 months ago

Went to the movies at Movieland cinema with a friend and ate popcorn with butter and soda. Then went to Texas Roadhouse with the same friend and had a few fried pickles, some steak, and some ceasar salad. I couldn’t finish my meal, so I took the... See More rest of it home to have for lunch the next day. I had some very bad bowel movements the next morning and my first sicky tasting burp, but continued my day as normal and ate the remainder of the steak and fries I had saved. (I had a couple more fried pickles but threw them out when I realized I didn’t like them as much as I thought. I didn’t save the rest of my salad) I was able to eat a home cooked meal that night, but I had horrible gas and more of the same sicky burps at 3 am. I felt nauseous but didn’t start throwing up and having diarrhea until 9 am the next morning. I fell asleep for the rest of the day and now, today, I feel very weak and my chest hurts badly because of how forceful I threw up. No fever. (My screenshot below highlights what I ordered/ate. My friend had the other things) | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Weakness, Gas, Chest Pain, Burping See Less

We bought this food around 8:30ish on Saturday night, June 18, 2022. At about 2am, my son was extremely sick. Vomiting and diarrhea with bad stomach pain. At about 8am he had a fever. He couldn't keep anything down and stomach cramps. We had to finally go... See More to the ER where he was treated. He was sick for 3 days. I called there and the man told me there was a power outage. I wonder if they didn't throw out all that food. My sons chest and stomach was still hurting Tuesday and Wednesday after all of that throwing up. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Cramps, Stomach Pain, Chest Pain See Less

Son got nauseous and had diarrhea, wife complained of nausea, constipation (or painful gas build up) and said her chest hurt like someone was pulling apart her ribs. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Gas, Chest Pain, Constipation See Less

There seem to be several kinds of cereal this is happening with. I would avoid Lucky charms as well.
Reply 4 months ago
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