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Updated: October 21, 2021 8:14 AM
October 15 2021, Ordered food from this restaurant . Symptoms started and 2 of us got super sick. We got nausea, violent vomiting and diarrhea, migraines and severe dehydration. My husband Missed 3 days of work, I missed 5 days costing us over $1100 in pay. Paid... See More over $600 in hospital copay fees for emergency room admittance and prescriptions.. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Dehydration, Other See Less

Ate there Friday night and by Saturday I was extremely nauseated. Nausea worsened and by Sunday I had severe diarrhea and into Monday. Today (Tuesday) I am pretty badly dehydrated and nausea is still bad even with anti nausea medication. Went to the doctor and they did... See More an X-ray and it’s gastroenteritis. Nobody else is sick. I had a filet o fish and some fries. Everyone else ate fries but I’m the only one that ate a fish sandwich. Thankfully no vomiting but I’ve been miserable for 4 days and haven’t really been able to eat. Had to force myself to eat once due to my blood sugar dropping from not eating. Doc says it should be better within the next day or so. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Gas, Dehydration See Less

August 24 2021, Not sure but I’m pretty sure it was a roasted chicken
ended up dehydrated and was admitted to hospital Aug26,2021 tested positive for salmonella received IV antibiotics and fluids | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Dehydration See Less

I had a tuna sandwich. My fiance and I ate there but he had ham. Only I am sick. Nausea, stomach pain and cramps, diarrhea, dehydration, fever. 
Today | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Fever, Cramps, Dehydration, Stomach Pain See Less

My husband and I got sandwiches from this establishment yesterday 10/08/21. He got a New York Steamer and I got the Hook and Ladder. About an 3 hours after eating I started getting severe abdominal discomfort. I went to bed early and woke up around midnight with... See More uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea. It is now the evening of 10/09/21 and I am considering going to the hospital due to dehydration. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Dehydration See Less

Tonight i decided to get it i couldnt finish it i was almost done but i kinda lost appetite, i thought it was jut me getting full but i think my stomach wasnt feeling well like an hour later i went to bed i wake up at... See More the middle of the night with lots of pain and uncomfort and i knew it was the burger i ate this is not the first time it happens the last time i got really sick that i couldnt stop diarrhea and was dehydrated and felt horrible, im afraid it will happen again and i know something is not right in the food, and im definitely their fan, u also eat at other fast food restaurants and havent experieced something like this.. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Dehydration, Loss of Appetite See Less

Crunchy Taco Supreme. Me and my mom ate two supreme tacos. We both 3 hours later had extreme nausea and vomiting until there was nothing left. Had diarrhea as well. Went to hospital because dehydration. 2 days later still have mild symptoms. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Dehydration See Less

Not sure  At 2 am I woke up with an overwhelming sense that I was not feeling well. We got lunch at 3 pm and mostly ate the same food all day aside from the salsa there. I don’t know if that’s what causes it but that’s... See More where we differed. I first had diarrhea, and once that was done I threw up. Then I went back to bed feeling feverish and got up again. Had diarrhea again and threw up even more. Then went to bed feeling relatively ok but dehydrated. My stomach hurt after that but the worst symptoms subsided.
Last night  | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Fever, Nausea, Vomiting, Dehydration, Stomach Pain
See Less

They were purchased end of August from here, opened about a week ago(actually my daughter was sickened) , diarrhea, severe abdominal pain vomiting all day, led to dehydration and hospitalization for fluids and treatment of pyelonephritis. Her roomate also had similar symptoms. They ate half one box,... See More I have the rest. | Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dehydration, Stomach Pain See Less

I had the crispy chicken taco sandwich box from the there. My boyfriend and I got the same thing except I got beans in my burrito. A couple of hours later I began vomiting and had diarrhea. These symptoms did not stop until hours later where I... See More still felt nauseous and dehydrated. I have gotten food poisoning once before so I believe that is what I got from eating there. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Dehydration See Less