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Nov 12 4:08am

Blaze Pizza, North Eddy Street, South Bend, IN, USA

Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting

Report Type: Food Poisoning


I ate around 730800 PM on Sunday night. I got a build your own Pizza with pesto sauce mozzarella parmesan Italian Sausage Bacon onions and oregano. I started getting symptoms around 200300 am. I was nauseous and had bad acid reflux and then I started vomiting. As soon as I finished throwing up my sickness went away and thats what led me to believe I had food poisoning. Read More

Oct 29 4:53am

Blaze Pizza, North Broadway, Santa Maria, CA, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting

Report Type: Food Poisoning


(DISCLAIMER NOTE I am only giving Blazes Pizza those two stars for the helpful and friendliness of the employees. They were helpful and kind throughout my entire visit. I do not necessarily blame them for everything wrong that occurred during my visit.) 102818 around 700pm Sunday. I had never been to Blazes before. When I came in I didnt think much of it. it had a nice atmosphere relatively kind and helpful employees. I really enjoyed that they had a Build your own option for the pizzas and for a good price too. I need to clarify that I had eaten all the things I had on my Pizza before so it wasnt allergies. I had my Pizza with classic red sauce shredded mozzarella parmesan jalapeos chicken(which may I add had a funny smell and taste I ended up removing it after a couple slices) olives Spinach Pepperoni cherry Tomatoes and topped with a pinch of oregano. I understand this is a weird combination of toppings but I dont think this is the cause of my sickness. I didnt eat a whole lot only managed half the relatively smallish Pizza mostly because of the funky taste but it wasnt too bad. I took the rest home and refrigerated it to save it for later. (quick note to add I also found a long dark hair in my Pizza which im positive wasnt mine considering I have short light hair which I told the staff and they gave me a free dessert as compensation which I was fine with. While to most this might be a big deal but to me it wasnt too much. ) Not 30 minutes after consummation and I was feeling rather nauseated with stomach Cramps and pains. I also was rather gasier than usually to which I was greeted with a unpleasant trip to the bathroom with diarrhea twice in around 10 minutes. about an hour or two later I was back to the bathroom again with the same issue. another hour rolls around and I have a horrible headache dizziness and stomach pain. I assumed it mightve been a migraine or dehydration but after drinking a cup of water and waiting a little while I didnt feel any different. I then had an awful feeling in my stomach rushed to the bathroom and started vomiting profusely. I am still feeling a little unsettled at the moment but better than I felt when I had the contents of my meal in my stomach. I dont know if this was just this specific location and Im unsure if it is common amongst the usual patrons of the restaurant but needless to say I will not be visiting another Blazes for a long while. Read More