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Food Safety

Updated: January 19, 2022 9:19 AM
My wife and I ate there on December 20, 2021. Both of us were sick for two days. We ate the sushi and it did not settle well. Also, the waiter had no mask on and hovered over us. I could feel his breath on me and... See More had to ask him to back up. The sushi chef was shaking his head as I picked up my sushi. I should have skipped eating them and taken that as a warning. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Shaking See Less

Sooo sorry for you and wife. I got sick from here as well. Someone called me about how I was. But no follow up call after he “spoke” to restaurant…I didn’t go to the hospital so maybe that was key to no follow up? He also told me that going to buffets that I run that “risk” of getting sick….my entree was a month ago.
Reply 2 weeks ago
I went through the kroger's and scanned all their food from CDC and FDA recall list and all the Dole prepackaged salads, lettuce, can goods,, Tyson, shrimp ( on sale) wicc accepted!!! ALL on recall /; I have reported 3-4 time and the produce management said they... See More can't keep up with the recall list and bad food,, expired is deftly on the shelf!!!! you will get sick and you will die ( listeria is no joke) there's so much listeria in this store ( cdc recommends to wash hands, fridge, counters just from being in the store, GROSSMAN all cross contamination. How are they still legally carrying, Tyson, 3 meat pizza, give you Diarrhea and vomiting like your water shooting out of both ends out of both ends sick dehydrated on top of that benzene in kroger brand deodorant and their hygiene products! Shut down krogers and open up Target, HEB at least they post there recall list and educate their workers. See Less

On 12/11/2021 I decided to try food from this location again since it is close to home. This was in the evening a few hours before closing. I pulled up to the pick up window and spent about 8 mins. watching an employee standing on the soda... See More station counter cleaning above the pick up window. I was not acknowledged, so I decided to take pictures. I notice that there was another person standing on the front counter cleaning over head screens. As I watched I notice a soda sitting a little off to the side underneath where the 1st person was cleaning. Out from the back came a unkept person who came up with a bag in her hand. As she spoke to the two employees that were standing on the counters still cleaning. I tapped on the window and bag lady open the window. I asked her if that soda was mine and she said,”yes!” I asked her to replace it due to the dust and dirt being brought down from the employee cleaning. I was refused. Instead of holding the line up or going in and dealing with the issue(it had already been a bad day), I took the soda and food. When I got home the food which was cold and yet over cooked was thrown out and the soda was poured down the drain. I did file a complaint with their corporate head office and when I received a conformation, I sent the pictures. The following day I received a return email saying that it did not go through. If COVID is SOO bad and contagious then why are employees instructed to wear their dirty shoes on the counters while cleaning over a customer’s order? I am sure this is an OSHA(no ladder used) violation and a health hazard. See Less

They’re so short staffed, it’s not the employees fault, they’re just doing what they’re told
Reply 1 month ago
Do the right thing McDonalds & refund their money+
Reply 1 week ago
I think bottled water that I didn't drink it but I noticed it has growth a navy mold in it. And I'm just concerned that basically others might buy it and get sick. I tried to call the store to warn them about it because I didn't have time to drive back. They didn't answer. See Less

Jeremy 757
I just returned 2 bottles in Chesapeake Virginia with mold
Reply 1 month ago
I purchased cucumbers for there. Before I opened the package I was that there was fungus on almost every cucumber. They are the One Sweet little cucumbers in a bag made by Sunset. See Less

I bought a cheese and ham toastie and within a few hours I was feeling nauseous. I then started vomiting and had diarrhea

I did have concerns when I watched the lady cut my toastie in half after it came out of the oven. She used a... See More cutter which was soiled in previous sandwich fillings. I think a new cutter should be used or cleaned between different sandwiches. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

My family of five has been here since 11/18. The vomiting and diarrhea hit 4/5 of us so far and has been going on for 36 hours straight. My four year old and seven year old along with myself got sick after eat at the buffet for... See More lunch 11/21. My 18 month old has had diarrhea since 11/20 and started vomiting this morning 11/23. I am pretty certain the baby is sick from swallowing water in the pool or bath. This is absolutely devastating to watch my kids so sick while we’re supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime. The staff doesn’t seem to understand or care because of the language barrier. All but one staff member (a manager) has dismissed our requests for bottled water and 7up. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
The food at this place will honestly haunt me for months. Everything smells funny! The buffet is so unsanitary, don’t understand how they pass inspections with food sitting out for hours without being iced/chilled. I’ve never wanted a plain peanut butter and jelly sandwich so bad in my life! Can’t wait to go home. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting
See Less

saw chef use same knife and spatula on raw chicken to serve my cooked food  Got this on Saturday night. Chef used same knife on raw chicken to cut cooked steak; repeatedly used same spatula to touch raw chicken and serve cooked foods from the grill. I... See More was up on Sunday morning early with diarrhea and last night (Sunday) I developed gastritis and was so nauseated, bloated, flatulent and crampy with body aches. There’s a constant burning feeling in my stomach. It’s Monday morning and I’m still in pain. I barely slept last night or Saturday night for all of the pain. I feel so sick. I’ve had gastritis from food poisoning before and this is the same feeling.  | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Body Ache, Gas, Cramps, Bloating, Flatulence See Less

Why would you eat the food after seeing this…?
-1 Reply 2 months ago
I am OP and I honestly don’t appreciate the tone of this. I already feel stupid enough as it is. I very nearly did not make a claim on here because I was embarrassed.

If you really most know why, when my brain finally connected the dots as to what I had just witnessed I had already eaten some of the food. I brought it up with the people I went out to eat with and they all assured me it was fine and that the temp of the food was enough to kill salmonella on contact. They all said that when he set his spatula down on or near the grill the heat from the cooktop would be enough to kill it, that the food was too hot for salmonella to survive, and that all hibachi does it this way so not to worry.

I guess I figured that if this is the way it’s done then it must be okay, must be too hot of a process for anything to survive if it’s still steaming once it’s on the plate. After all the griddle is hot enough to cook the food in front of you within like, a couple minutes, and you can feel the heat of it from where you’re sitting.

Well four days later and I’m still screwed up. Every night I’m retching and my stomach is still on fire all of the time.
1 Reply 2 months ago
OP - I agree with you 100%. Do NOT feel embarrassed. When you are out for dinner there can be a lot of distractions, and some things are not obviously harmful. So sorry to hear what happened, and sorry it's lasting so long 😞
Reply 2 months ago
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