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7-Eleven, 1524 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: Feb 23, 2021
3. Management, food employee and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities and reporting
- comments: observed no written employee health policy on site. Instructed facility to establish an appropriate employee health policy and maintain with verifiable signed copies on site for all food employees. Priority foundation violation #7-38-010. No citation issued.

5. Procedures for responding to vomiting and diarrheal events
- comments: observed facility with use of the sample clean up policy provided from cdph website and no supplies. Must ensure the availability of both a clean up policy and adequate supplies (disposable mop, disposable latex gloves, disposable mask, and adequate sanitizer *must eliminate norovirus*) on site to properly clean up any vomit or diarrhea events that can potentially occur inside of the food establishment. Priority foundation violation #7-38-005. No citation issued.

10. Adequate handwashing sinks properly supplied and accessible
- comments: observed the following sinks not maintained with hot water: improper temperature of hot water observed at rear prep sink (66-77f) and washroom handsink (61f). Instructed person in charge hot water at all hand washing sinks must be at least 100f. Priority violation #7-38-030(c). Citation issued.

33. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control
- comments: observed facility equipment for cold holding in disrepair. Noted reach in prep cooler (located directly in front of hot-hold station) to be at improper at 51f. Uncooked cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza were removed from unit. Informed person in charge to repair or replace for proper cold holding of 41 degrees f or below. May not be used until reinspected by chicago department of health (cdph). Tagged unit. Priority violation #7-38-005. Citation issued.

36. Thermometers provided & accurate
- comments: observed no ambient air thermometers inside the reach in prep coolers. Instructed to provide conspicuous and easily readable thermometers inside all refrigerator units to properly monitor the ambient air temperature of equipment.

53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, & cleaned
- comments: observed no covered receptacle (waste can) for proper disposal of waste in unisex employee washroom. Instructed to provide covered waste receptacle.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: instructed to clean the floors around and under shelves in the storage area and on the selling floor where needed. Must maintain at all times.

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