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Bistrot - Pier B, Zaventem, Belgium
Symptoms: Diarrhea
After a few weeks of eating hearty Ugandan cuisine (I will seriously miss motoke) everyday without incident, it took a layover in the Brussels airport to send my intestines into crisis mode. Had to spend the rest of my 14 hour journey home to Canada via Dulles in extreme discomfort that culminated in landing in Toronto, stopping to pick up the pups and vote in the federal election while holding back the inevitable storm that was to come when I finally arrived home. My meal consisted of eggs and beans with tomatoes on the side. Simple stuff. Some serious problems in hygiene in the kitchen I suspect, and eggs were rubbery and unfortunately was reminded of their unfortunate quality constantly throughout the journey as I reflexively belched ominously egg flavoured burps for the rest of the trip home (sorry for the imagery, and even more so to my travel companions and fellow travellers). Avoid and buy a prepared sandwich at a nearby grab n go.
— Reported By User October 22, 2019 3:22 AM