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Bryan County Jail, Pub Safety Way, Pembroke, GA, USA
On Friday June 22nd I was put in the jail for fighting with a guy that I rented a garage to. I didn't get out until Monday the 25th. I practically lived off of bread and water because the minute the food touched my tongue it burned, it burned my throat, my stomach, until it came out the other end. The milk was in a carton so it was okay to drink, the cereal came in a small package so it was safe to eat, the sandwiches didn't bother me much, but any food that had been cooked even the beverages had an oily film to them and burned. I know it seems I was in jail and I shouldn't complain but let's assume I'm innocent until proven guilty. And no one should have to eat food that has a chemical that burns your tongue, throat, and stomach. I told the guards they laughed and said nothing was in the food but they weren't eating it How would they know. Every girl on the cell block had really bad diarrhea and felt the burn in their mouth, throat, and stomach. There were four of us all had diarrhea really bad. I work with chemicals as a profession and there was definitely a chemical in the food. Maybe it was being used to clean the utensils and dishes and just wasn't getting rinsed off properly. But this is something needs to be checked out. There was a pregnant lady on the cell block and this was going to her baby as well as to all of us. We were all eating it even the Unborn baby.
— Reported By User July 22, 2018 6:29 PM