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Cafe Urbano, 4176 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: Apr 14, 2021
2. City of chicago food service sanitation certificate
- comments: observed facility food handlers preparing and handling �time and temperature control for safety(tcs) foods without original city of chicago food service manager and certificate on site. Informed person in charge city of chicago original food service certificate must remain posted on site and certified manager on site during tcs food prep, cooking, serving and operating hours. Priority foundation violation #7-38-012. Citation issued.

3. Management, food employee and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities and reporting
- comments: observed no written employee health policy on site. Instructed facility to establish an appropriate employee health policy and maintain with verifiable signed copies on site for all food employees. Priority foundation violation #7-38-010. No citation issued.

5. Procedures for responding to vomiting and diarrheal events
- comments: observed no written procedures or supplies for responding to vomiting or diarrheal events. Supplies must include adequate sanitizer that eliminates norovirus. Instructed facility to provide clean up policy and supplies to properly handle vomit and diarrheal spills on site. Priority foundation violation #7-38-005. No citation issued.

37. Food properly labeled; original container
- comments: observed no label for bulk flour storage container in the dry storage room on the shelf. Instructed person in charge all bulk and working food ingredient containers must be labeled with contents name.

53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, & cleaned
- comments: observed toilet room door to not be self closing. Instructed to install a self closing device and maintain at all times.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: observed a hole on the ceiling above the food prep area. Instructed to seal and maintain.

56. Adequate ventilation & lighting; designated areas used
- comments: observed an accumulation of dirt/debris buildup on the toilet room exhaust ventilation. Must detail clean and maintain.

60. Previous core violation corrected
- comments: observed previous core violation #53(no covered trash receptacle in washroom. Must provide) not corrected within 90 day time frame on the inspection report #2353152 dated for 12/11/19. Instructed person in charge that the violation shall now classified as a priority foundation item due to noncompliance.

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