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Chick-fil-A, College Park Drive, Conroe, TX, United States
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Fever
Wednesday May 25, sometime shortly after 5 pm. My husband ate a chicken sandwich, fries and a dr. pepper and I had chicken nuggets, fruit and a lemonade. I started feeling very thirsty, and gassy along with a headache about 30 mins to an hour later. Within 2 hours I had diarrhea. My husband as well. Since then we have had diarrhea and a fever for over the past 48 hours. Our movements were a yellow/green liquid with yellow/green/slightly brown mucous. Some blood was present as well. It was very painful and irritated the surrounding areas. We had to use medicated wipes to soothe the burning and to keep the area clean. It is now slowly subsiding as in, we are still experiencing bloating but our movements are becoming solid again and the fever is gone. I know it was Chick Fil- A because before that all that my husband and I had to eat was our usual protein shake. We usually eat pretty clean. Our diet is mostly fruits and vegetables and some meat so I don't think the cause was anything consumed at home or the day prior. We did not see a doctor but was planning on it if the symptoms did not become better after 48 hours.
— Reported By User May 28, 2016 12:37 PM