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China King, East Miller Road, Lansing, MI, USA
Symptoms: Nausea
I just ate a couple hrs ago. The food was very nasty cold .. broccoli n chicken taste spoiled along with the shrimp .. the fruit taste spoiled as well.. the lady who cooks the food was seen using the bathroom n not washing her hands.. the food was cold. I seen a little girl putting noodles back into the pan with her bare hands.. i feel like that place was very unsanitary.. and the tables were noy wiped down. So people if you r eating their you are eatinv poison unsanitary place.. by the way they didnt even have soap in the bathroom to wash your hands.. so who know how many infested bacterial hand n germs are floating around that restua6.. i even told the lady how her food tastes nasty n she got mad.. that place shouldn't be running at zll The food taste spoiled the vegetables had a slimmy film to it.. the soups were covered with crusted like u can tell it was sitting their for hours.. shrimp taste like rotten fish.. that place needs to be investigated.. i use to work at sparrow as cook so i know the health code violations n theres was plenty where that place needs to be shut down
— Reported By User February 27, 2020 10:55 PM