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Chipotle Mexican Grill, W Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613, United States
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Fever, Nausea
Took my 13 year old daughter to get her favorite chicken burrito bowl at 8:30pm to this location. Her bowl consisted of white rice, black beans, chicken, pico de Gallo, corn, cheese, sour cream, lettuce. She also had chips with guacamole and salsa and an apple juice to drink. She was healthy all day long - having participated in 2 club basketball games and her church youth group volleyball event. Within 45 minutes of eating she started with violent diarrhea with recognizable portions of her dinner visible meaning her stomach reacted very quickly before she had time to properly digest her food. Her stomach is rumbling so loudly that I can hear it from 10 feet away. She is sweating profusely and has severe stomach cramping. There is no question in my mind where this reaction is derived from. I am reporting this as a record of our account and to hopefully let the organization know that we have experienced this so that hopefully others can avoid being sickened as well. Up to now she has not vomited but for the past 3 hours she has been and out of the bathroom with cramps and diarrhea. I've given her carbonated water and saltines in hopes of getting her stomach to settle down and help her fall asleep. I am keeping all documentation.
— Reported By User September 30, 2019 12:57 AM