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England, UK
The FSA issued an alert about meat products (predominantly lamb, goat, veal, beef), of all meat species by unregistered and unapproved Wiltshire based vendor. These products have not been produced in accordance with food safety and hygiene legislative requirements.

FSA advises that these products are not compliant with food hygiene, safety, labelling and traceability requirements and are deemed unsafe. They should not be consumed. Instead, dispose of the products.

-All meat products supplied prior to 15 January 2021 via the following Facebook sites:
- Ushqime Organike, Bio UK
- Ushqime BIO UK
- Ushqime BIO
- Wiltshire Farm Products

FSA has asked enforcement authorities to contact premises in their local areas that may receive the affected products to ensure that they are withdrawn from the market and recalled from consumers.

Check the full recall details on the FSA website

Source: FSA