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Costco Wholesale, Dinah Shore Drive, Palm Desert, CA, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Other, Cramps, Sweating
Bought rotisserie chicken from there...receipt time stamp 18:36..6:36 pm. on 9/3/2020...Ate some chicken with my pit bull and a chihuahua that morning I had a bit more chicken and gave some chicken to my dogs as well....few minutes later all three of us vomited with diarrhea. .I also had some watermelon on top of my chicken all from there. Didn't look like my watermelon had a chance to digest when it shot out of my Linda Blair in the Exorcist., except mine was red instead of green...Been extremely healthy prior to buying this system has no prescription drugs, alcohol or get the gist. Bought the chicken 9/3/2020...had some chicken with my dogs, had more chicken next morning with my dogs...all hell broke loose.... on the 7th ended up at the hospital at the right kidney was on fire with pain to the point of me screaming my head off....after a drip for 4/5 hours with pain medicine I was released...come night time...I began screaming due to the extreme pain on myh right side/kidney again...(my poor dogs...what could I do) today is Sept 17th and the bugger appears to still be in my system. The minute I eat....after a system goes to over drive and I start sweating profusely, next come the intestinal cramping and I could feel my system trying to break up my food for elimination. With salmonella poisoning this simple process is truly a night mare that I do not want to repeat. Finally today I got my highly demanded stool kit order from my Dr., picked up my kit, filled my kit and dropped it off. So now my Dr. can identify whose living in my intestines and beyond. I'm disappointed that the emergency Dr., didn't have the knowledge to take a stool sample right there on the day I was in the emergency room. What I learned is this: take photos (check) save your stool in a glass jar asap (check), get your blood drawn (check) urine collected (check) and save the BIRD in the freezer...just in can thrown out what you don't need like my frozen stool. Better to have more than less. Well...we shall see how this story ends.. Do you know over 1million people are infected by food poisoning each year? I didn't know either...what you put in your mouth the next time matters. Didn't look up how many people die from food poisoning each they do die.
— Reported By User September 17, 2020 8:48 PM