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Culver's, Ogden Avenue, Lyons, IL, USA
Symptoms: Vomiting, Other
My wife commented about how strong the red onion was while eating her burger from there. Right after she finished it, she started to get an upset stomach, and within 5 minutes, started to vomit. This never happened before with her, and she has been able to eat red onions her whole life. I think there is something going on with their red onions. There has been a couple times when I ate the red onions, I had an upset stomach but never vomited. I had the burger without the red onion and I was fine. Tried it again with the red onion , and I was fine, again with red onion, and I had and upset stomach for a day. I thought it was just me , but when this happened to my wife its pointing to the red onions there, and seems to be a hit or miss problem , maybe they are old, have a mold, don't know for sure. Again, we've been eating red onions all our lives, never a problem except for the ones there
I'm thinking maybe the onions are to old, gone
bad ?
— Reported By User April 16, 2021 9:51 AM