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3 weeks ago
We went to eat there on 09/06/2021 and ordered two hamburgers one with cheese with fries and a desert a dt-304 meal that cost about 10$ and we took it home ate it and it was the very next day we had diarrhea and nausea for a week(could not go anywere) because we visited the toilet king . On day 3of this food poisoning I went to the chas dr. he said it's a intestinal problem something you ate 24 hours ago. We later that day drove to them amd spoke to the manager about 1pm and told the manager of the food poisoning and he thought we where someone else stating we were not the only one who had food poisoning so he offered no refund or any the condensation of our meal then he said I'll call you on monday to get an answer of what happened we did not get a call back (disappointing) for their management so far to this day 09.29/2021 no contact . My new policy NEVER EAT OUT there or any other establishment.
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