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Dollar Tree, West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Other, Cramps
I purchased a box of Mrs. Freshley's mini powdered donuts on December 18, 2020. From the moment I opened the package, I could tell something wasn't right and my first bite confirmed it. They smelled and tasted like chemicals and they didn't exactly taste the freshest. After the 3rd donut and continuing to have a "chemical" taste in my mouth, I inspected one of the donuts and it "appeared" to be fine. It wasn't until I got home and tried another donut that I noticed a thick mold cloud sitting on the donuts. The last one that I had already eaten had the texture of glue and partially immobilized my tongue as I was eating it. I wasn't aware of the mold on the donut before I ate it but after experiencing the gooey mess inside my mouth, I now know that's what it was. It took several rinses and a deep scrub for the texture and taste in my mouth to come out. The next day, I had severe abdominal pains and cramping accompanied by some smelly bowel movements and diarrhea. I took the donuts back for a refund and showed the store associate the molded donuts and she said nothing. Absolutely nothing. No apologies or sympathies. Seemed like she didn't even care. I could have died.
— Reported By User December 22, 2020 12:20 PM