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IKEA, Ford Road, Canton, MI, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Cramps
Around 6:30pm I made my way after walking through the show room and market place. The only thing I had eaten prior to going to this establishment was a Turkey/cracker lunchable and a small latte (made with Almond milk). At here I ordered a Veggie Dog and a regular Hot Dog. I decided to eat the Veggie Dog first, scrapping the toppings off of it. After getting half-way through it, I began eating the regular hot dog. I eventually finished both. About 3 hours later I was in complete, utter pain! I had never had this type of pain in my stomach before. It was so bad, I couldn’t properly lay down. I had to get on all fours while massaging my stomach so the upper abdominal cramps wouldn’t be so sharp. This pain lasted for a good hour before I decided to drink a soda to help relieve some pressure in my stomach. That certainly helped but I also made me a glass of hot tea. I attribute this whole thing to their food because what I had eaten prior to going to their establishment was something I would typically eat with no problems. I hope you all aren’t spreading food poisoning. I would NEVER come back here ever again!!
— Reported By User March 30, 2021 2:33 AM