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KFC Long Street, Strand Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain
I had their food and within couple of hours was so sick vomiting and had such bad abdominal pain went to doctor and confirmed food poisoning its been six weeks now and I'm still in some pain I've been to hospital as well spent so much money on meds and doctors bills I'm a housewife and my husband is unemployed so his spent all his UIF on meds I want to claim back my money but I spoke to the regional manager and according to him they can't do anything I have to get a lawyer and speak to there insurance I want all my money back and not to speak about pain and suffering cos by they believe me when I say I couldn't walk or sit down I was bed ridden for an entire month and I am totally disgusted with the amount of remorse my husband received when he did the online survey please help me Just myself half a day at most I later also after two weeks developed a kidney infection went to hospital and was diagnosed with pilaniforitis not sure of the spelling two weeks after that I got my menstruation was bleeding clots of blood I hope its menopause and nothing else cud be as effect of all the pain meds I was on
— Reported By User September 6, 2020 6:23 AM