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La Placita Chicago, 1840 W 35th St, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: Mar 3, 2021
3. Management, food employee and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities and reporting
- comments: observed no signed employees health policies. Must provide and maintain. (priority foundation 7-38-010)(no citation issued)

5. Procedures for responding to vomiting and diarrheal events
- comments: observed no clean-up policy procedure and items for vomiting and diarrhea. Must provide and maintain. (priority foundation 7-38-005)(no citation issued)

37. Food properly labeled; original container
- comments: must label food storage containers when food is not in original package.

38. Insects, rodents, & animals not present
- comments: observed an appx. '1/2-3/4' gap along bottom of front door. Must make door tight fitting.

39. Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage & display
- comments: observed dish washing liquid 5- gallon buckets being re-used to store ready to eat foods inside and cardboard meat boxes used for storing cooked chiccharones. Must provide food grade containers for food storage.

44. Utensils, equipment & linens: properly stored, dried, & handled
- comments: must invert multi-use utensils on basement dish storage shelves.

47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
- comments: must remove cardboard from shelving units and lower shelf of steam table.

49. Non-food/food contact surfaces clean
- comments: must clean debris build up from lower shelf of steam table,prep tables,glass display units at service counters.

53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, & cleaned
- comments: must repair or replace broken self closing device on toilet room door.

54. Garbage & refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
- comments: observed outside grease container and ground encrusted with grease and boxes on ground around the same. Manager had employee to remove grease and cardboard from ground. Clean and maintain area during inspection. (priority foundation 7-38-020(b)(citation issued)

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: must repair or replace damaged concrete floor in basement and floor tiles on sales floor.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: must clean debris build up from walls in meat/deli area.

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