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LongHorn Steakhouse, New Hampshire 101A, Amherst, NH, USA
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting
I think salad or steak I ate there 12/11/19 dinner @ approx 8pm. 2 diners. Only I got sick. We shared wild west shrimp. I had 12 oz ribeye med rare, garden salad w ranch, and sweet potato w butter and brown sugar. I ate 1/4 my salad... A fewbites of the steak when I had to send it back...way too much pepper (tasted like the pepper cover had come off the shaker and dumped on steak, I took out phone and lit up steak and it looked like it was heavily coated in pepper) I ate the sweet potato while they got me another steak...this one came out with no spices on it at all. more rare than med rare. I ate approx 1/3. I took the rest home. Around 10-10:30 I felt stomach pain (gaseous type) and went to the bathroom. I started a very painful bowel movement when I became nauseous. At this point I was expelling from both ends violently. This continued throughout the night. Approx every 30-40 minutes. At around 2:30 am I took a fruit flavored rolaid. At 3 I got up and vomited again ( by this point it was mostly dry heaves and bile, with only mucous coming out the other end) this time there was red in the vomit material, I thought the rolaid maybe was the culprit ( I did not notice which color rolaid I had taken) so I noted it to myself. The next round came around 3:45 am... Again red in the vomit but this time there was also red on the mucous from my back end as well. I know that stuff does not go through the body that quick and suspected there was something else going on. I had my son take me to emergency room (we also brought the leftovers with us since I knew there was a chance it was the culprit) they did not want them for testing. I kept up with the vomiting, they gave me anti-nausea medicine (IV) and sent me for a scan and were getting ready to send me home when the vomiting started again. By this point my body was fully purged, dry heaves w/ only bile and only mucous out the other end. They ended up admitting me. I was not able to provide any stool sample for them to test as I was empty. The doctors said they thought it was a c-something in my gut that happens after antibiotics (something about good bacteria being killed and this c stuff going out of control... Took all kinds of precautions saying I may be very contagious. Problem with that is I have not had any type of antibiotics in more than 6 months. I may be able to go home from hospital this afternoon if I can tolerate solids.
— Reported By User December 13, 2019 9:30 AM