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McDonald's, Rigby Road, Blackpool, UK
Symptoms: Vomiting
I went to McDonald's at around 8:15 and ordered 3 chicken selects, a classic signiture burger as a large meal with chips and a caramel iced frappe and some additional sour cream and chive dips.
At 4:30-5am this morning I woke up feeling unwell but grabbed a basin and went back to bed. Within 10 minutes I was projectile vomiting into the basin. Throughout this time I was unable to keep even water down without needing to be sick a few minutes after taking a sip.
The vomiting continued until 8:00pm on Saturday however eating food is still off the cards for lack of appetite, I am able to replenish fluids such as water at this point.

I have lost work this Saturday and am loosing work on Sunday as I feel weak from the lack of food, I have spent a long period of time being dehydrated and the genuine exhaustion from being so poorly.
— Reported By User March 31, 2018 4:06 PM