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Mister Chubby's, 8312 State Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136, United States
Date Closed: 01/27/2020

15 violations, 7 serious

Employees were observed handling ready to eat foods with bare hands; Mouse droppings were observed on food storage shelves in food prep and storage areas; An employee was observed removing a bowl from sanitizer solution and immediately using it to store rice while it was still wet; Chemical bottles were observed on a shelf with jelly; An uncontained rodent poison block was observed beneath the three door display refrigerator; ] Mouse droppings were observed throughout the food prep area, storage areas, the dining room, and second floor (especially above drop ceiling); Plastic utensils are not stored so that only utensil handles are presented to employees; Mouse droppings were observed on lower prep area shelves, storage area shelves, storage area and prep area carts, dunnage racks, and shelves behind the front counter and lottery counter; Mouse droppings were observed along floor perimeters of the food prep area, storage areas, dining room, and second floor.

The establishment was issued a Cease Operations Order and was required to discontinue food operations immediately. The establishment could not operate for a minimum of 48 hours. Inspected Jan. 27.
— Reported By User February 7, 2020 8:40 AM