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1 month ago
Purchased it from there about a month ago I'd say . When I returned home I was super thirsty from shopping so I took a big sip of the drink and within minutes 'I sh*t you not ok" I began feeling a combo of the worst feelings to get especially from one of my favorites drink wise from my teen years . I was just sitting in the car not speaking trying to concintrate on ignoring the slow yey steadily increasingly painful nausea n stomach pain that would only compare to the feelings I experienced in labor with my son years ago ... I ran in my house but my kids in the bathroom . The smell of panda express filled the air. I had to be quick and make it outside before I almost yack up my whole insides on my doorstep inside my house ... I ended up being sick throwing up in the worst stomach pain n dry heaving I'd ever encountered combined in my life. Finally subsided around 8 am 11 hours after I took the taste of the drink .
I really wanted to go back there!!!if not for a refund and some sign that they would look into it more than just making a " note of it' than I could atleast get a refund while ...but in reality all I wanted 2as to buy them all off the shelf n toss them in the drain lol. Sadly ...
My introverted a*s lost her nerve and honestly was afraid of being called there at the most unfriendly store around lol.
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