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Ocean Casino Resort, Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Other, Chills, Stomach Pain
Last night, myself, my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend all had reservations for Villian & Saint at 7pm there to have dinner together to celebrate our respective anniversaries.  My entree was incorrectly prepared THREE TIMES at Villian & Saint.  The first meal was a simple chicken sandwich with french fries. I asked for no mayo on and no pimento cheese spread on the chicken sandwich, which still came with the unrequested condiments.  When the 2nd reprepared chicken sandwich meal came, it was so salty that I had my best friend and boyfriend both try pieces of it and they also said it was way too salty and they couldn't eat it either and I had to send that entree back, as well.  I then had one of the top chefs come to my table and apologize profusely and offered to comp my meal for the last meal that they'd so-called "correctly" prepare for me this time, after he ate a piece of the chicken made with that batch of flour and he said that I was right - it was very much, too salty, so he had the cook throw the entire batch out and make a new one.  I asked for the burger entree instead this time, WELL DONE, with no mayo and ketchup on the side for my fries, and I stipulated that more than once, since the server asked me more than once, as to how I wanted my burger prepared to make sure he got it right, which was witnessed by all at the table.  

During the last meal preparation of the burger meal, since everyone else at the table had already finished their meals and were just waiting for me to finally get my food and for their own to-go boxes, I just opted to take my food to go also.  When my boyfriend and I got back to our room and were watching tv, we just took off our shoes, sat on the bed in the dark, and I began to eat my burger entree.  After taking a few bites, my stomach started to feel very sick and I ran to the bathroom to vomit.  My boyfriend ran in after me and asked me what did I just eat and I said just the burger entree from Villain & Saint. He checked the remainder of the left over burger and saw that it was NOT well done, AT ALL, but was extremely pink and raw looking on the inside - UNCOOKED!!!!  It was seemingly
purposefully in the condiments to cover the uncooked burger!!!! After a few minutes, I vomited AGAIN for a 2nd time, along with continuously having nausea, chills, really bad stomach pains and diarrhea throughout the night. My boyfriend was very upset and helped me to the bed and told me to call the front desk and try to speak to someone at Villian & Saint, since I had gotten so sick from the uncooked burger entree and must've had food poisoning from it.  My boyfriend and I would like to have our meal compensated for from Villian & Saint from 10/17/2020, as per the report that I made with a security supervisor, at approximately 1am yesterday morning, 10/18/2020.  My boyfriend was literally up with me all night long, while I was sick into today from the incorrectly prepared/undercooked burger that I ate and my stomach is still feeling queasy now!!!!

I called the front desk, when the restaurant finally opened at 4pm today, who transferred me to Villian & Saint. The first time, they picked up and hung up and so I called the first desk again and when I finally got through to someone at Villian & Saint and spoke to a manager at there at approximately 4:15pm today, 10/18/2020. I explained the entire situation to him and he apologized for me getting sick from the meal there and said that my boyfriend would have to come down there to the restaurant for him to get a refund for the meal.  But once my boyfriend got down there, they changed their tune, and said that he had to wait for the manager there to come back to the restaurant and for a member of security to come with my incident report that I made with a security supervisor to go over the details of the food poisoning issue and he's currently waiting for the refund. I will be looking into talking to my lawyer regarding this issue. Worst first dining experience at Villian & Saint EVER!!!! Will NEVER recommend anyone to eat there!
— Reported By User October 19, 2020 12:47 AM