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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Naglee Road, Tracy, CA, USA
Symptoms: Vomiting
My birthday is April 27 and me and my daughter plan celebrating my birthday at OLIVE GARDEN WITH DINNER. I’m order passion margarita less alcohol plus salad I drink 2sip PASSION MARGARITA 4-5 bite salad after that’s order funnggi Pasta and my daughter ordered Alfredo Chicken Pasta I’m only eat 3 picece FUNGI PASTA LAST ORDERS DOLECI THEY SING BIRTHDAY SONG FOR ME 5.30-6 pm I’m finished my dinner and come back HAYWARD at my friends house at midnight I feel sick and started VOMITING......then countines VOMITING 10-15 min I’m call my friend and he see me I’m very sick he dialed 911 they come and see me they said I’m have food poisoning I have all video and all reported what I do next
— Reported By User April 29, 2019 1:42 PM