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Roti Modern Mediterranean, 1526 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: Oct 26, 2020
1. Person in charge present, demonstrates knowledge, and performs duties
- comments: observed no person in charge with valid chicago food sanitation manager certificate. Instructed manager to designate person in charge during all hours of operation. Priority foundation

2. City of chicago food service sanitation certificate
- comments: observed no chicago food sanitation manager on site or valid certificate posted when tcs food (chicken 148. 3f) prepared and served. A chicago food sanitatio manager must be on site at all times tcs food prepared and served. Priority foundation 7-38-012 citation issued

22. Proper cold holding temperatures
- comments: observed cold tcs food hummus 46-54. 9f, feta cheese 52. 3f, cooked vegetables 54. 7f stored at improper temperature on display cooler. Instructed manager to discard approximately 35lbs and $53. 72 of product. All tcs food must maintain 41f or below during storage, preparation, display and service. Priority 7-38-005 citation issued

33. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control
- comments: observed display cooler not turned on and not maintaining proper temperature 52. 4f. Instructed manager to maintain 41f or below. Priority citation issued 7-38-005

43. In-use utensils: properly stored
- comments: observed handles of dispensing utensils laying on top of food items in display cooler. Instructed manager to properly store dispensing utensil handles above food to prevent contamination.

54. Garbage & refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
- comments: observed no waste receptacles at hand washing sinks. Instructed manager to provide.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: observed debris on floor along walls and corners in prep, storage and locker room areas. Instructed manager to clean and maintain.

— Reported By User October 29, 2020 11:00 AM