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Starbucks, South Ellsworth Loop Road, Queen Creek, AZ, USA
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Other, Cramps
4am I had a Venti Mocha Frapp substituted milk with heavy cream, son had pumpkin frap grande, hubby grande caramel Mocha latte hot. I drink my daily frap within 10 mins always which is super fast I know. It took about 25 mins after finishing when I got the bubble guts and they were loud gurgling followed by the awful tummy on fire cramping. I barely made it to my toilet I had to run literally. My son and hubby fell back to sleep when we got home so from 440ish till 8 and they both had the watery potent smelling poos twice they said when they had woken up. I myself was on the toilet from 440ish till around 6 because I would start to get up just to be reminded it was time to just sit right back down before my pants even made it back up. Dude happens too often they need better regulations on the dairy or need to be taught more thoroughly on how to handle correctly and how to handle incorrectly so they can avoid making ppl sick from something they shouldn't have or should have done to make sure people are safe when drinking coffee they spend so much (mine is around $8 1-2 times a DAY 7 days a week). Plus who likes getting sick and pooping ur brains out!? Not I
— Reported By User October 14, 2020 8:11 PM