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Subway, 4351 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: Nov 23, 2020
10. Adequate handwashing sinks properly supplied and accessible
- comments: instructed to provide handwashing signage at all handsinks (washroom).

16. Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
- comments: observed black slimy substances on interior water components of the ice maker,dripping into ice 'ice is used for human consumption'. Management was instructed to turn off machine, remove ice and have interior of ice machine cleaned and sanitized and maintain. Priority foundation violation 7-38-005,citation issued.

39. Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage & display
- comments: observed no splashguard at hand sink in the front prep area. Must provide and maintain.

40. Personal cleanliness
- comments: observed food handling employee prepare food without wearing a hair restraint. Management instructed that all food handling employees must wear a hair restraint.

49. Non-food/food contact surfaces clean
- comments: instructed to detail clean the food debris on the storage racks inside the walk-in-cooler and to maintain.

51. Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices
- comments: observed water leak at backflow prevention device above the mop sink area. Must repair plumbing leak and to maintain.

52. Sewage & waste water properly disposed
- comments: observed the dish washing 3-compartment sink not maintained. Observed waste water backing out from the open site floor drain onto rear food prep/3-compartment sink area while draining and running water in mentioned sink. Instructed to repair plumbing issue and detail clean and sanitize areas. Priority violation 7-38-030 (c),citation issued.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: instructed to remove accumulations of dusts on ceiling ventilation covers at front food prep area and to maintain.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: instructed to detail clean and organize rear storage area and remove unnecessary articles that are stored on top of the walk-in-cooler due to potential pest harborage.

56. Adequate ventilation & lighting; designated areas used
- comments: instructed to replace burnt-out light bulbs at front and rear food prep/3-compartment sink area and maintain adequate lighting at all times.

57. All food employees have food handler training
- comments: observed no food handler certificates provided on the premises. Must show proof of training for all food handling employees.

— Reported By User November 25, 2020 9:01 AM