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Walmart Supercenter, North Lhs Drive, Lumberton, TX, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Other, Bloating, Body Ache
I picked up a Traditional Rotisserie Chicken, a box f Spring Mix Salad, a few Roma tomatoes & a bundle of small avocados at 5:15 today, Once home, I steamed some broccoli (purchased Saturday) and made a simple salad with greens, one tomato, an avocado dressed with organic olive oil & balsamic vinegar. A perfectly healthy Thursday night supper, or so I thought, until my husband & I started suffering with severe bloating & nausea within minutes of eating. This was followed by body aches, diarrhea & joint pain. There is no way to get comfortable, it is now 2:14 am and I am wide awake, The nausea & diarrhea have passed by the body aches & joint pain continue. I noticed when I picked out the chicken that it was considerably smaller than what we used to get, it was the size of a large Cornish hen, I have not purchased a rotisserie chicken since COVID 19 began, so perhaps they have changed suppliers. I know Pilgrim’s Pride was a major supplier & they are under investigation by the FDA. This episode led me to Google “can rotisserie chickens make you sick” and I was astonished at what popped up. I will never buy another one.
— Reported By User October 23, 2020 3:22 AM