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Walmart Supercenter, Southwest Drive, Abilene, TX, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting
I bought some sliced butterball turkey from their meat butcher on January 26 for 15$. On Feb 12 I ate 2 of these slices, thickness 1 1/2 in a sandwich (bread, pickle, tomato, and some lettuce along with some other food (egg & cheese again from there), after about 5 hours later I got sick.

I did not count the number of times I pooped. I also did not sleep very well that night, and had to get up and pace around my apartment from the discomfort I felt. At about 3AM the discomfort reached its peak and very slowly subsided. At about 7AM I was feeling much better.

I could not bring myself to through out all the food (the turkey + the egg and cheese alone was over 35$) that I had eaten from.

After only having a liquid diet for 24 hours, On Feb 13, I again had the same turkey sandwich but without the tomato. This time I also had a brownie that was given to me by a neighbor. This time I got sick after only about 3 hours. Now I am sure it was the turkey. This time it was a little worse, and after much pooping, I called the health nurse at the at the VA about 1AM Feb 14. She advised me to drink plenty of liquids and wait until morning to see how I felt.

I again had a very agenizing night again pacing around my apartment because I could not bring myself to do anything else. At about 2AM I vomited 4 times in quick succession. I was extremely glad to get that crap out of my stomach but didn't feel all that better after doing so as I had expected it to.
The extreme discomfort again slowly went down and about 8 AM I was feeling ok.

On Feb 17 I went to the store to return the meat but forgot to bring it. I found out that they had been closed for 3 days because of having no power. I needed to buy some more food so went to the frozen food section.

I found most of the shelves very low on frozen food. I talked to one of the workers about that, that was restacking the frozen food, and she said since they had lost power for 3 days they had to throw out all the frozen and refrigerated food. I chatted with her and another customer for a little while. I again asked her if she was sure all the frozen and refrigerated food was thrown out and she said she was.

I bought 3 Michelina's Chicken Fried Rice dinners and 1 Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie. I went home and immediately ate 2 of the Fried Rice dinners, and again got sick within about 4 hours. Again I have a sleepless night with extreme discomfort, but not as bad as the second time I got food poisoning, and again in the morning I felt better.

It is my belief that they didn't throw out all the frozen food. Frozen food that they thought would make it through the 3 day outage such as rice would be ok.

On Feb 21 I took back the turkey there and got a refund. I did not take back the rice for 2 reasons. First they are only a 1$ apiece, and 2nd I didn't want it to look like I was scamming them.

Proving food poising looks to me like a uphill battle, unless there are others like me that have been poisoned. My 3rd case of food poisoning on the other hand may not be as hopeless as it seems. If they did not throw out all the frozen and refrigerated food as they said it is a different matter, after all their own surveillance cameras may show a different story! I am also sure that the people that insure they would like to know if all the food they claimed was thrown out was in fact done.

I still have yet to throw out 1 unopened Chicken pot pie, and 1 Chicken Fried Rice and 2 opened Chicken Fried Rice dinners. The codes on those dinners may show that they were thrown out with the insurance company. As for now, I don't think I will ever buy frozen or refrigerated food there again.
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