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Wendy's, Southeast Highway 70, Arcadia, FL, USA
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea
My daughter and I went to Wendy's last night (01/14/19) at about 10:30-10:45 pm and she had the 4 for 4 (junior bacon cheeseburger, fries, chicken nuggets and a pink lemonade). I ordered a large Baconator meal no ketchup with a Dr. Pepper. My daughter did not want her tomato or lettuce that came on her burger so she gave it to me for my sandwich. She also did not want her chicken nuggets as well so gave them to me. We ate our food and all was fine, or so I thought. Around 12-1 am I wake up with the sudden urge to use the bathroom. My stomach was cramping something fierce and I had to make it down my hall to our bathroom to sit on that toilet immediately or I was going to use the bathroom right there in my pants, that is how urgent it was! As soon as I got to the bathroom I felt like I was going to go everywhere, there was no chance of holding this stuff back! I sat down (barely) and this stuff just came out like rushing running water! I was bent over with abdominal pains so intense I wanted to cry! This first time lasted at least 20 minutes and then I went back to bed thinking I was through with this horrible ordeal, I WAS WRONG! My second (and current trip to the bathroom, which I hope and pray is the last time, lasts about the same amount of time -maybe a little bit longer-) I was awoken again with the same pain and urgency as before! Same scenario plays out and I am once again having this stuff flow from me with no end in sight! I hope that as I write this that I recover soon. I am feeling nauseous, in pain and just overall not well AT ALL! My daughter is sleeping so I am unsure if she is going to be affected by this or not. I really pray that she is spared! Wish me well people and I wish you well as well. All I can say after this: There will NEVER BE ANY MORE WENDY'S FOR ME OR MY FAMILY EVER AGAIN that is for damn sure! Oh I almost forgot, I also purchased a large chili (with cheese and onions) that I did not eat, I just brought it home as it was intended on being my lunch tomorrow. But now that I am going through this, I think it best I just throw it out! Smh.
— Reported By User January 15, 2019 3:33 AM